Should Your Sidebar Be On The Left Or Right?

Should Your Sidebar be on the Left or Right?

Sidebars are great because they are standardized areas of your website that site visitors can browse even if they move from one page to another—provided that you activated them. 

The question that begs an answer is, should your sidebar be on the left or right? 

The keyword here is “should.” 

In my experience, most sidebars are on the right. I have seen a left sidebar only once or twice, and I found it odd. So, I did a little digging to get an answer.

It turns out that the answer depends on your purpose. 

Today, I will share with you what I found out. By the end of this article, you should be ready to decide whether your sidebar should be on the left or right. 

What is a Side Bar and What is It Used For?

A sidebar is not a menu bar. I just want to be clear about that. A sidebar is a static “page” inside a page. Take a look at the example below:

Theheig-lighzed are> inrbed is a sideba.s It is aptart of e page:wher, you cannputs.eveal -elemens. No rmanter What the siteevievergoeis t,f this sidebar willbse thrse. 

the main purpost of e sidebar is to Take-information vnaiable.s It isptracticaldy lakeoplsntegings.eveal -elemenss on your website because you wantpeomple to eed them;

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andre ed more/post.;

thuse ttings areusucaldy found na sid ebase because you wantpeomple totTake ection witboutdisruptging the siteevisito.n Theplsne ttine you want is to havetoto Tny"pop-upst oroad> in themiddles of your/blo.;


Aret sidebarsdheat? ;

ther, are Tny"opintiosr about tisr homesaye that sidebars aredheae becausewr, arenow> in themobfilepage.Peompler arldyausedeskutos, ay mor.n Theissure is that sidebarsdos notywokd namobfile=devicis, od wht evenbnotheyauging thm?;

Take a look at t is-bloe pagt with a sid ebaw:

That isshowitr loors onaedeskuto.n The ret shoging on the righrim-meditrldy"accsisbple to e ersion hvenhve sed> ht. 

p>Novw,iof yoa look at thesrame pagt fromaamobfile=devic,witr loors lake t i:. 

p>Novw,itr is not lakldy frtat site visitor tolevenre ch; thisennd of the page.Mmost sthe

there isnoe single answerais to whether youneted e sidebaroer nt.s It all depends on your and/bloggin? ppro ch.n olhelp, you Take this decsito,d the/esne ttinewr, candot is toounmers andthve/enefitst of e sideba. Wer shouldalson look at the-cont of hatin> e sideba.. 

all if the/blogeru wanis toruanads.gBaat there is more toiut thnI justruantin> dse. 

e sidebaw:

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Iste ed of sktine yoeyaumern oe> from inside the/bloe pos,, you cancgreake a.widges on your sidebar andadid your -buttose. Take a look at the example below:

inaamobfileevie.d What thisme an,ist thatitr is notgoging to havetthesrame visbfiltyraisiotywouldiof yoancut tm inside the/bloe post tself.. 

<32 class="wp-block-heading">
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oin the sideba.n Thebsnefittthere istWhat your-readee Tyo clic>ons one of yors/esne or encend-bloe poste. 


e/blo.d What you want is frt the ersion tore ed your/blo, pos,, not to clic>oin tting.t Usars are lakldytto getswayted oI visignewr mages from your sidebariIste ed of-conlumigt your#contene. 

e/blo,e you want to havean -income, and this dsiare Tkesf yoancut more and morestuffnion your sideba,e Tktin>sigcluanteted anddisorgandizee. 

ther, arefixcis totthuse.prblemet.Firsne ff,, you can andcluantesiof yoaumitmizet the-cotmens of your sideba. Wthat you candot is toltmitt the-cotmens of your sidebae to e(maimuod offtiva.widgete. 

siemen tore ed from inside the/bloe pos,, you canre move the encend/post> from your sideba. Dos notncuta flrt of dg— one Googleoaa.widges should beenboghm;

is not found on your/blor#contene. 

Weon toPcut Side Bar to the-Lef?

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<32 class="wp-block-heading"> oin the-cotmens of the sideba.. 

Weon topcut Side Bar to the-Righ?

-ausdeoin theHTMLe that iswWrittet.Iof your sidebar is on the righr sid,n theHTMLe iswWritted on uchsaewayt that the-cotmensncomnt irsnt.Iof this is the-aus,t the canim-meditrldyfiund ounwThat the-cotmens of your/bloe post et.Inf this-aus,titr isgoging to beeasiver frt your

ret sidebarsdheat No,t sidebars aresttill grea.n There isnoeneglativ !imracf on your websiteiof yoa ddf sidebarm. 

this is-standardptractied.Ife youpout yors sidebar to the lef,e the eeadee will getdisttracend moreeasily .ever tim the mvcis toaanotheaptaagraph—thiseygsr will eed the sidebar and this-aonccauseferactioe. 

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