Top Five Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Lifestyle is a huge niche in the blogging world.

This niche can include fashion, food, hobbies, traveling, and so much more. For as long as it has nothing to do with business, formalities like education and science, you can consider just about any topic as a lifestyle topic.

But what can you write about to engage your readers and improve your site traffic?

Here are some blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers to get you started:

  1. Life Hacks
  2. Best Places You Have Visited
  3. Fitness Routines
  4. 10 Things People Do Not Know About You
  5. Your Epic Failures and How You Rose Above Them

Here, we will be giving you some ideas and tips on how to produce meaningful and attention-grabbing articles about these areas.

Life Hacks

Life hacks are valuable tips to make people’s lives easier. You can cover a thousand things in this niche, and it is highly recommended that you focus your life hack tips on a particular area.

For example, you cannot just write about life hacks in general. It is always better if you write life hacks about gadgets or life hacks about cooking, woodworking, and others.

For each topic, give at least ten hacks and do not forget to add pictures.

This task is a tad tricky because you need to do the hacks yourself so you can provide original videos or photos. If you do include videos or photos, do not make the same mistake that many bloggers do.

They fail to show all the steps to the hack, and this leaves readers disappointed.

Lifestyle hacks are great if you write about something related to yourself. If people know that you are not a DIY-er, it does not make sense to write about woodworking hacks.

People will see through you and know that you are not an expert.

However, there are exceptions. You do not need to be an aquarium expert to write about aquarium hacks.

What you need to do is show you have one, and that tinkering on your aquarium is where you got the idea to do these hacks.

Best Places You Have Visited

As a lifestyle blogger, you should have traveled several times, and so you’ll have photos of these trips Write about the best places you have been to, and then explain why.

Tell your readers why you went there, what you were expecting, and why you consider those places to be the best of all the ones you have traveled.

Explain what you did there, what awesome scenery, cuisine, and cultures you observed, and do not forget to show photos of yourself to make it more believable.

Or you can write the opposite. You can write about the worst places you visited. However, this is a little controversial, and you need to be prepared if there is a backlash from disgruntled readers.

Fitness Routines

Another blog post idea for lifestyle bloggers: fitness routines.

This niche works great if you are physically fit. Forget about the six-pack abs and the unrealistic physiques you see in magazines.

What you want here is to show the real you. You have to be honest, and give your audience the real deal.

For fitness routines, you need to explain the things you do step by step. Once you wake up in the morning, do you drink juices that are part of your regimen?

Take your reader through the routine, and show them where you exercise, what equipment you use like yoga mats, treadmills, or ab rollers.

Next, show the reader the steps to take to do the fitness exercises properly, and why they need to do them. You also have to explain the long-term benefits to justify why you are doing these steps.

Show pictures or video clips to demonstrate how to do them. In the end, do not forget to include before-and-after photos.

10 Things People Do Not Know About You

As a lifestyle blogger, you surely have a following out there. These are your fans who feel a connection to you. As such, they would be very much interested in getting to know you more.

This kind of lifestyle blog does not have to be personal. You need to keep personal stuff out of the way. Maintain your privacy at all costs.

The kind of articles that you need to write about is feel-good ones.

If you write a listicle, try to focus on things people do not know about you that they can also do. For example, you may love drinking black coffee, or maybe your hobby is painting.

Tell people why and how you came about doing these things. Then move on to showing your masterpieces, or how you brew your coffee. Show a lot of photos, and include some tips or where to buy the brands that you do.

With an article like this, you can also add affiliate links to help you earn money, but keep it to a minimum.

Your Epic Failures and How You Rose Above Them

Like the previous one, this does not have to be very personal. There are some issues in life not worth sharing. This topic has to be motivational, and you need to write about things that are relatable for people.

As a lifestyle blogger, your focus is to help your readers. You can write about how you failed to get a job, and then succeeded later, or how you failed to get a promotion, and then got one eventually.

When writing for a topic like this, your goal is to motivate people and share with them your knowledge; you need to tell them the mistakes you made that resulted in adverse consequences, so they do not do it to themselves.

You can also write about relationships, friendship, or things relate to your ambition. For one, write about your initial failures as a lifestyle blogger and how you improved over time.


Lifestyle blogging need not be synthetic. If you follow these blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers, you need to be as realistic as you can get because this is what people understand.

People gravitate towards honest people, not those who are full of pretentions. The more realistic you are, the more believable you will be.

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