Three Effective Ways On How To Promote Affiliate Links

Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is probably the best example of the saying, “You reap what you sow.”

We are saying this to dispel the fallacy that some people have. They do not know how to promote affiliate links, and they think that dropping a link or two here and there will land them huge sales.

This is a fatal error. Affiliate links do not magically produce sales. Just like physical selling, you need leads. And these leads are not guaranteed sales.

Although there are no detailed studies on how ads and promotional links perform, the general consensus is that 3% is a reasonable conversion rate. This means that for every 100 people who see your link, about three will take a look.

But not all three will make a purchase. What this entails is that you need to put in more work. This can only be done if you know how to promote affiliate links, which is precisely what we will show you.

Publish a Blog and Fill Them with Useful Articles

A blog is like a museum to your affiliate business. This is where people will go “Oooh” and “Aaah” after seeing your content. It is essential because it puts you in the limelight as someone credible in your chosen niche.

Putting up a blog makes it easy for you to change the links, update the articles to make them evergreen, and it also serves as a repository of all your articles.

From a consumer’s perspective, this is where he can learn new things from you; it’s a platform that you can establish yourself as an authority, and the readers will trust you and pay for the products that you recommend.

Use Social Media Channels and Establish Yourself as an Authority

youtube is probably the most effective way to promote your affiliate links. You can create videos, and it is far easier to convince and educate people about the products you are promoting.

Below the video, you can add static text that introduces what the video is about, and you can add a link that will either take them to your blog or to your affiliate link.

Instagram is the second most influential social media channel out there. However, this is only effective if the product you are selling has something to do with anything that is physically stimulating.

Examples of these are:

  • Clothing
  • Fitness products
  • Accessories

Instagram is mainly effective if you use photos of good-looking products, worn by good-looking people.

The only caveat is that you cannot place links in the actual posts, as Instagram disabled that. However, you can post your affiliate links at the comment section right below the post.

Build an Email List

An email list is nothing more than a list of email addresses. You can either buy this in bulk or earn it organically.

You can collect email addresses organically through your blog. There are many plug-ins you can use to ask your readers to subscribe to your blog.

Once you collect email addresses, you can create an email campaign where you can send promotional affiliate links.

If you do this, you must start out by providing educational materials to your potential clients.

Do not spam them with offers. Build value by giving them something that they can use, something that will improve their knowledge, and then make the killing.


As you go through your marketing journey, you will learn other methods on how to promote affiliate links.

Regardless of the process, the key to success is consistency. You cannot just drop a link or two here and there and expect sales to shoot up.

Build consumer trust, be consistent, and focus on how you can help. The next thing you know, sales will pour in beyond your expectations.

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