7 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content

Repurpose Your Blog Content

Sometimes, you may run out of ideas on how to market your content, or what new content to produce. This happens most of the time if you are using different channels to reach out to different types of people.

And this is one golden opportunity to repurpose your blog content. But how?

Here are seven suggestions: 

  • Convert old blogs to podcasts
  • Make eBooks out of old blogs
  • Use old blogs to answer questions on forums
  • Create an infographic out of old blogs
  • Create a newsletter from old blog posts
  • Turn the blog posts into videos
  • Send the old blog posts as an email series

As you can see, old blog posts can be used for other marketing activities. Let us explore each one and find out how to do it right.

Convert Old Blogs to Podcasts

Old blogs still matter, but they may not have the same traffic as they used to get. As a blog age, search engines would prefer content that is fresh or evergreen.

One way to repurpose your blog content is to turn it into a podcast. How do you do this? It is fairly simple, actually.

Just create a podcast episode where you talk about the same topic as your blog. If the blog post is a listicle, then all the better. Listicles make a great topic for a podcast because you already have the key points prepared. All you need to do now is to expound on the subject matter.

A 10-point listicle can last you an hour for a podcast show, and you can use this show to reach out to people who prefer listening over reading. You can also say on your podcast that the topic came from one of your blog posts, and say that you felt the need to bring this content in an audio version.  

Make eBooks Out of Old Blogs

This is great if you have old blog posts that are at least 3,000 words long. Converting a blog post to an eBook is free, and you do not have to spend money on the cover page, either.

To do this, just use free online tools like Canva, and then go to Draft to Digital to convert the MS word file of your blog post to an eBook. You would spend some time formatting your eBook, as you have to add an author page, page breaks, and design your book cover.

If you have no blog posts that are long enough, take blogs of the same nature or subject matter and turn them into an eBook. For example, you may have a lot of blog posts about reviews of certain cameras.

If you have a review like, ten cameras, then you can combine all of these reviews and convert them into an eBook with the title “10 Best Cameras That You Can Buy”.

Use Old Blogs to Answer Questions on Forums

This can be a little tricky because there is an ongoing debate as to whether Google penalizes duplicate content or not. What Google says is that if you are duplicating content for the purpose of getting traffic, then your website will be penalized.

This policy is a little gray. To be on the safe side, do not copy and paste your blog post, but re-write them. Use the re-written version to answer questions on forums like Reddit or Quora. These forums have a lot of traffic, and you can use this to your advantage.

What you want to do here is to establish your credibility as an expert in your niche. In your forum answers, you can leave links to your other posts. Just make sure you do not spam people, as forums have strict guidelines about leaving backlinks.

Create an Infographic Out of Old Blogs

While creating an infographic may sound difficult, it really isn’t. There are so many free infographic tools you can use without having to draw. These tools have templates that include the drawings. All you need to do is to change the texts and the positions of the drawings or icons.  

The types of blogs posts that are easiest to convert into an infographic are:

Essays are not easy to convert to an infographic and are better left off as a blog. If you have been writing in a style where you have bullets or sub-headings, then you will find a lot of materials that you can repurpose in this way.

Infographics must be short and sweet. It has to be direct to the point. If possible, avoid using a lot of words, but rather select a template where the icons or photos can speak for themselves.

Create a Newsletter from Old Blog Posts

Just like the email series, you have to send this to your followers or subscribers. However, you have to create a different material here. Use publishing tools to create a standard newsletter format.

Your newsletter must have new content and fresh content. The old content must be your old blog post, and you can either put the complete content or just a part of it. It is better to use only an excerpt so readers would click on a link and go to your website.

Turn the Blog Posts into Videos

If you have a YouTube channel, you can repurpose your blog content by turning them into videos. Just like podcasting, you will take an old blog, and then use the content for your video.

The only difference, really, is that you have to face a camera. You can save a ton of work if you shoot your podcast as a video. That way, you speak about the topic just once, but you can release the podcast as an audio, and at the same time release the video version on YouTube.

The other option is to create an animation. If your old blog post is a tutorial, you can create a screencast video where you can show your audience actual movements on your PC, and the steps they have to take to use a particular software.

If animation is your preferred format, you can find videographers in online freelance marketplaces who can do it for you. You can also look for writers to do the script for you, which the animator would use. Also, you would need someone to do the voice over for the script.

Send the Old Blog Posts as an Email Series

If you have an email list, you can use old blog posts to send them as a series. In our example earlier, we said that you might have reviewed ten different cameras separately.

In an email series, all you need is an auto-responder that would send these emails on a schedule. In the auto-responder tool, you can create ten different emails. In each email, you can put the first few paragraphs for each review.

If the recipient likes to read more, he must click on a link that takes him to your blog. This is a great way to repurpose your blog content and bring fresh traffic to your site.


Repurposing your old blog posts is a great way to spread the word out in different channels. Infographics are best for social media like facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Videos are great to reach out to people in the YouTube community, and podcasts are great for people who love to learn while listening.

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