7 Benefits Of Creating Outbound Links To Other Websites

7 Benefits of Creating Outbound Links to Other Websites

An outbound link is a link from your blog page to another website. Many people are against this, and their claim is that you should never send people away from your site because if you do, that site visitor is gone for good.

There is truth to that. But if done with care a balance, outbound links can actually do wonders for your blog.

Here are the seven benefits of creating outbound links to other websites:

  • Your blog becomes a resource page
  • You will have a boosted reputation
  • Your blogs become relevant
  • your blog can get backlinks
  • Search engines may reward you with more traffic
  • Your blog adds value to readers
  • Your blog becomes identified as legit

Let us take a look at each one and see how outbound links can benefit your blog.

Your Blog Becomes a Resource Page

readers like it when you point them to other credible resources. When they clicked on your link, they have reasons to believe that you are going to provide them help. If your blog can do that, readers would appreciate it if you can point them to another resource that will answer some of their inquiries.

For example, you may have a blog about slot machines. If you mention the history of slot machines somewhere in your slot review, it will help if you link the history to another resource page.

If you do this, the reader would certainly think that you are not trying to be an academic expert, but merely a slot machine enthusiast. The reader would trust you about your slot machine opinion. But showing the reader where you got the information about the history adds credibility.

As such, the reader would start thinking that there is so much to learn about slots and that you can direct him to the right resources.

You Will Have a Boosted Reputation

Reputation depends on one thing: people.

If you are operating a closed-world blog where all your links point to your own blog posts, no one will know that you are there, except your readers.

This is self-limiting, as opposed to sending people out to other blogs. If you create links to other blogs or websites, your readers would naturally think that you are a connected person—that you are part of a niche that caters to what your readers need.

Having said that, your site visitors would start thinking that you are a part of a larger group of experts in the same field.

Just imagine a doctor referring you to another. This doctor may be a general practitioner, and he referred you to an oncologist. As a patient, you will appreciate what the general practitioner did—referred you to the right resource to help you.

Outbound links work in the same way. Readers would think you are trustworthy if you send them to websites that provide them help for specific areas that are outside your expertise.

Your Blogs Become Relevant

The internet is like a country that has thousands of interlinking roads and streets. Google, and people who read blogs, use these links to jump from one page to another.

Search engines index the links and categorize the pages accordingly. Google does this to know what the web page is all about. If we go back to the slot machine blog, Google will crawl the outbound link you made to the slot machine history.

Google will then decide that your blog is about slots. It gives Google a clue what your niche is, and then that page is indexed in the category of slot machines.

From the outbound links you create, Google will know:

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