10 Viral Steps To Create Killer Marketing Strategy On Instagram


Instagram is the best tool for businesses to grow their brand with a higher engagement rate. Within a short span, Instagram has attained one billion active users monthly. Instagram becomes an effective marketing campaign for brands to improve their popularity among different kinds of people all over the world. Reach a loyal following on Instagram by engaging your audiences with frequent updates.

Without any specific domains, Instagram is growing on all kinds of platforms, including e-commerce. Keep your followers engaging by updating the recent updates of Instagram and modifying your marketing strategy accordingly to grab followers’ attention. Since Instagram is the biggest social media platform, it is essential to concentrate on the recent updates to attain success in your business. Make your product visible to consumers by finding new ideas, which is the biggest challenge for you on Instagram.

The interesting fact is that more than 80% of people on Instagram follow at least one brand that becomes excellent potential for companies to implement their marketing strategy. Here are some super tips for growing your Instagram marketing strategy for the development of your business.

#1. Audience Determination 

Instagram has a user base worldwide, and it helps to reach your brand to all audiences. Instead, you can find audiences who already have an interest in your product or brand and target them to convert as a loyal following to your business. Among the Instagram users, 68% of users are female and under the age of 35. If you found that your target audiences are young, Instagram is the perfect place to grow your business.

Carry out market research on your target demographic based on gender, location, age, and also based on your audience interest. Find your ideal audiences with your engaging content and attract them towards your account to gather plenty of potential followers along with potential customers. Also, determine audiences from other competitors with the following factors:

  • Type of hashtags in their content
  • Their hangout location
  • Other interests of your audiences
  • Followers of your target audiences

The above points are the first step to focus on your marketing strategy.

#2. Set Your Objective

When you involve your interest in marketing strategy, it is essential to determine your business objective to lead your brand on the correct path. The goal differs for each person depending upon their business, from growing their community to creating awareness of their brand. Choose the right goal on Instagram with the help of the following points:

  • Increase your brand awareness – Use this objective if you want to grab only the audience’s attention towards your account.
  • Gain traffic to your website – Set this goal to increase sales conversion and people visiting your website.
  • Increase Engagement – Make your followers interact with you, increasing the loyalty between them.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Show your product features visually to satisfy your customers.

#3. Analyze Your Competitors

Get benefit by analyzing your competitors on Instagram and gain some knowledge, and post ideas. Identify the big players on Instagram to gather ideas for growing your business. Regularly notice your competitors who have audiences the same as your target audiences to bring out your Instagram account in a better way to attract your target audiences. Follow the below points to improve your brand:

  • Calculate your competitor’s engagement rate. (Formula: likes + comments / no. of followers * 100)
  • How often do they respond to the audience’s comments?
  • Type of their follower’s questions to them
  • Type of hashtags using in their contents
  • Type of content to attract their followers
  • The call to action button on their bio

With the above steps, find out what works best on your competitor’s account and get new ideas to improve your business with your Instagram content.

#4. Use Stories For Better Engagement

Instagram stories feature a great update where more people share their memorable and daily activities with their friends and followers. More than 52 million stories are being shared by Instagram users daily. Give varieties of interesting content to boost views for Instagram stories and improve audience engagement to better your business. 

Stories are the easy way to view your post by your followers since it appears on the top of your follower’s feed page. Instagram users show more interest in watching stories than the post on Instagram feed because of their easy access. Engage your followers daily by updating them about your product’s features and show it visually to increase your brand trust.

#5. Create Content Strategy

Decide the type of content you want to post on Instagram to grab your followers and target audiences’ attention towards your business account. Content creation is an essential part of a marketing strategy to gain high resources for your brand. Since Instagram is well known for its visual platform, your photos and videos perform well. Choose the content based on your audience’s interest and provide helpful information in the form of text or short or long video forms.   

Instagram introduced different features to promote your content and explore your creative skill to your audiences. The features where you can explore your talent are:

  • IGTV (Instagram TV) – Long video form to explain your content with clear information to your audiences
  • Reels – It is the new update to entertain people with 15 seconds video and also provides useful information
  • Instagram Feed – It is a newsfeed where you can publish content both in image and video (15 to 30 seconds) form.

#6. Shoot Tutorial Videos

IGTV feature on Instagram helps you shoot tutorial videos clearly where you can explain all your thoughts to your audiences and grab their attention to your account. Show the usage of your product along with features to create brand trust among your followers. Tutorial videos help users to use the product accurately and can view your product visually.

Explain the content with clear information and some helpful tips for audiences to use it in their personal life using your product. It creates trustworthy relationships with your customers and makes a good connection.

#7. Show Behind-The-Scenes

People will always show eagerness in knowing about the industry and the process of making the product. You can take your followers to your company as an industry visit and display the happenings over there. Introduce your workers to your audiences and show if they have any unique talents in a way that helps your followers to use in their personal life.

For example, if your industry is related to a chocolate factory, show a visit to your company along with the process of making chocolates in a short form. Bring to the notice about your cleanliness which is a very important factor to buy your product. If the viewers are satisfied with your behind-the-scenes videos, you will get two advantages. One is making a good relationship with you and your followers, and the other is increasing your sales conversion with the gain of potential customers to your business.

#8. Schedule Your Content

Consistency is the key for your audiences to hit the follow button on your account. Since there are plenty of brands according to your audience’s interest, they will move on to them if they find inconsistent content on your page. Maintaining consistent content with interesting stories will automatically attract your target audiences to your page. Post your content at least once a day to make it consistent. 

Instagram also provides a scheduling option to utilize their valuable time in concentrating on some other work. You can schedule multiple contents along with dates and times using Instagram insights. Remember that when you have an essential update to audiences, post it on weekend days to get higher engagement.

#9. Audience Engagement

The essential point of your marketing plan is engaging your audiences with your account. To do so, you have to simply reply to comments given by your audiences on each of your content, indicating your online presence.

When a person replies to your post through comments, immediately respond to them with interesting answers to attract other audiences.

#10. Usage Of Hashtags

Instagram has taken hashtags as an essential tool in finding content than other social media networks. You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, but content with five to nine hashtags will be sufficient to improve your content visibility. Search for the relevant hashtags related to your content to grab the audience’s attention, who will easily hit the follow button on your content. If any irrelevant hashtags are found, people will skip your content. So, concentrate while choosing hashtags for your content.

Final Thought

When you make a marketing plan for growing your business, it is necessary to add Instagram to your plan. It helps to grow your business or brand with higher engagement. Follow the above steps and stand out from the crowd by showing your uniqueness. 

Caterina Taylor

Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at PlanYourGram.com. She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

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