Content Marketing Tips to Attract Targeted Traffic

Content Marketing Tips

Are you having a hard time gaining visitors on your website? You are not alone. Many content creators struggle to attract readers to their blogs. However, there are efficient content marketing tips that will bring targeted traffic to your website.

Let us take a look at 15 of the most valuable content marketing strategies in detail. 

1. Vary Your Content

Are you confused, “What is varying content?” It’s okay. I understand that the heading doesn’t give much away, so here’s the explanation. There is no ideal length of content that can guarantee maximum readers. Hence, mix it up. 

Fluctuate the length and format of your content. This way, users with different preferences will find the content of their liking on your website.

2. Write Irresistible Headings

What makes you click on a post? The title, right? It is common logic that people check out the headlines that appear attractive. If your blog lacks a catchy headline, it might not be read even if it has been thoroughly written. 

Take your time to brainstorm about the headline. After you write one, ask yourself if you would click on it if you were to see it online. If you are positive, go ahead. Otherwise, re-think it.

3. Focus on On-page SEO

Optimize your content for SEO to draw your targeted traffic to your website. Write a descriptive sentence in the image alt text section. Make sure to have an attention-grabbing meta description. Internal linking navigates readers to other posts on your website.

4. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Apart from deciding the high-intent keyword, pay attention to long-tail keywords. Search about your niche and pick up the most useful phrases that you think people will type in the search bar.

5. Internal Linking

Whenever you are creating content for your website, keep in mind to mention any other related posts that you have previously published on your blog. 

This has two benefits. The first one is for the readers as they get a better experience. They find more information than what they were initially looking for. The second advantage is for you. When a reader comes across your post and then hops onto other posts on your blog, it increases views per blog.

6. Start Guest Blogging

Do you think guest blogging is dead? Let me correct you, it’s not. You should try your best to secure your position as a guest writer on a reputable website. This will result in a mighty increase in your targeted traffic to your blog. People will be willing to read more from you. Hence, what better way than to follow your site?

7. Invite Guest Bloggers 

Let other writers guest blog for your website. This can be a risk, but you should take it. Just make sure to do your research about the writer and their work, so you don’t get low-quality content. When a writer will get a post published in your blog, they will likely share it with others or on their blog to showcase their work. That will increase clicks on your website.

8. Believe in Referral Traffic

Don’t rely on persuading others to link to your site. Rely on online word-of-mouth. You can achieve this by focusing on the quality of your content. Make it unrivaled, so people are themselves willing to link to your write-ups.

9. Use Videos

Make your content versatile. This can be done by incorporating videos on your website. Some people from your targeted traffic might want to just watch a video about a topic rather than reading about it. Give them what they want by publishing a few videos as well. 

Another method is to make a YouTube channel where you can publish brief videos about your topics. Urge the viewers to check out your blog for detailed information. If your videos hook the people, they won’t think twice before clicking on your website link.

10. Q&A Series

Use webinars or teleseminars to exhibit your knowledge. Offer question and answer sessions, so interested people can clear their queries. Communicate with your audience and ask them which topics they’d like to read about. Then use those topics in the future.

11. Foster Community Feelings

Encourage communication on your website as people like to talk about their passions. After reading a blog of their interest, they should have the opportunity to discuss it with other link minded people. Enable comments on your site to cater to this matter.

12. Appear in the Comment Section

You visit sites that are relevant to your area of interest. Make a name for yourself on those by being active in the comment sections. Write thought-provoking and intriguing comments that will indirectly push the reader to check out your write-ups.

13. Promote on Social Media

This is a vital content marketing tip. Always be proud of your work, and never hesitate from sharing it with others. From Facebook to Instagram, from LinkedIn to Twitter, promote your site and blog posts on all.

14. Examine Analytics Data

No matter how many content marketing tips you follow, you always should keep track of the digits. Look at what the analytics say about your strategies. Are they working? Use the findings to plan your promotions and further approaches.

15. Offline Marketing

It’s time to get real. We live in a digital world. However, it doesn’t mean that we restrict ourselves to the online community. Check out possible platforms where you can promote your work.

Attend offline conferences, pitch articles in newspapers, and get your targeted traffic to where it belongs, on your website that is.

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. I am positive that now you are confident that your strategies will attract traffic to your website. Thanks to these amazing content marketing tips. 

Just give your best to your work, try different formats, promote your content, explore new ideas, and enjoy heavy traffic on your blog.

John Kilmerstone

I'm an Aussie living in Japan who enjoys traveling, photography and blogging. Please visit this website and explore the wonderful world of blogging. Discover how to turn your passions and pastimes into an online business.

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