What WordPress Theme Do You Use For Affiliate Marketing?

what wordpress theme do you use for affiliate marketing

With literally hundreds of WordPress themes to choose from on the market, it can be difficult for affiliate marketers to pick the most suitable one for their needs.

If you have a thriving website or you are about to create one, you should consider the most appropriate themes to install on your site. But the question is, what WordPress theme do you use for affiliate marketing? Find out the answer by reading this article now.

Before choosing the best WP themes for affiliate marketing, you will need to create a website, if you haven’t already done so. Make sure you select a self-hosted WP version before moving to the next step. Now you need a domain name from a hosting provider that is recommended by WordPress.

Most themes offer access to their support forums. You should use this to get a better idea of what is provided and what type of problems users are facing. This research will give you a better insight into the quality of the theme you want to choose. Some themes, such as GeneratePress, for example, provide excellent support services to their members.

Fast Loading Speed

The speed of the page is another crucial matter to take into account. Loading speed is not just important from Google’s perspective, but more so from a user experience.

While it is true that many factors can impact the web page speed, the theme you use can play a significant role. It is best to find websites that use the relevant themes you wish to buy. Just make sure you test them through a different page to check their speed.

You can also use the demo site and carry out a speed test before buying. Speed tests will provide you with an insight into how much the themes are impacting the web page speed.

Top WordPress Themes

Once you have your domain name and web hosting is taken care of, you are ready to install WordPress and the right affiliate marketing themes. The good news is that you will not need to search everywhere. Here are some of the best themes available on the market.

  1. Ultra: This is one of the top WP themes available for all website owners and affiliate marketers. With over 50 pre-designed layouts and tools to use, Ultra is one of the most popular WP themes. It is also perfect to use when you want to create a blog to sell your products.
  2. Yozi: This is another modern e-commerce theme that is perfect for showcasing your affiliate products. It offers multiple web page layouts, unlimited fonts, and plenty of color options. Yozi can also be customized to match your brand and comes with high-end plugins at no extra cost.
  3. Float: Thanks to the scrolling features of Float, you can easily create the most professional-looking landing page to sell your affiliate marketing products. Float has a user-friendly integrated page builder to help you create engaging web pages for your customers. It also offers unlimited colors, custom backgrounds, and lots of custom widgets.
  4. Suarez: Affiliate marketers who prefer to feature their products with lots of imagery should consider using Suarez. Suarez is a WP photo-blogging theme that mainly focuses on pictures by making them stand out within your text. It is very easy to install, and you can enjoy the various Google fonts and CSS animations. Suarez offers tons of options to affiliate marketers thanks to its custom features.

Search Engine Optimization

By now, you should have a better idea of the best WP themes to use for your affiliate marketing. But the most important aspect of your website should be search engine optimization.

This smart mechanism will help get your website noticed by Google users. By knowing about how SEO works, you can gain more exposure and attract customers.

seo works by getting your site noticed right away. If the code of your website is SEO-friendly, you will get a higher ranking on Google. But there is more to SEO than merely ranking high on search engines.

You will not be able to buy results as it works the same way for everyone. What you should do is to focus on making your website SEO-friendly since it comes with all the modern WP themes.

Website Design & Navigation

The next most important part of website design is navigation. After all, this is the first thing a user will encounter on your website. If your web pages are easy to navigate, customers will return again and again, so you need to make it highly user-friendly.

Perhaps one of the most suitable WP themes is Laraway. Here are some of its features:

  1. Laraway offers a 100 percent responsive design. No matter what screen size or browser your device has, customers will be able to use this feature to navigate your website easily. With the help of Laraway, your online marketing project will always be successful.
  2. In addition to the above advantages, your website will be integrated with all the main social media sites. You can put the small SM icon on the footer or header of your social media account and even add links to Instagram or Twitter. By doing this, you will generate more traffic to your site and show your prospective customers that you are a real and trustworthy person with social media profiles.
  3. The next step to take is to get an intuitive search placed on the top section of your website. Your potential customers will immediately notice the search field just as they enter your home page. So they will never be lost when navigating your web pages.

‘Call to Action’ Strategies

Once you have taken note of all the above, you should think of placing lots of colorful banners to introduce any upcoming product sales or discounts. These can be in the form of ‘Call to Action‘ buttons to grab the attention of the audience.

If you are building an affiliate website from scratch, you will need to create engaging and attractive ‘Call to Action‘ buttons to increase your visibility. This strategy is best done with a plugin to help maximize the CTR on your site.

Outsourcing Content

No online marketer should overlook the benefits of a blog to attract customers. Even if you are not a blogger yourself, you should think of hiring writers to write about your products.

This outsourcing is one of the oldest and proven ways to connect with your potential clients and keep them engaged. Keep in mind that your blog posts must be updated regularly and provide informative content.

Newsletter Subscription

Another feature to include on your site is a newsletter subscription. By choosing a WP theme that comes with content modules, ready-made web pages, and widgets, you will easily be able to win more customers.

While it can be tempting to pick a theme that provides lots of great features, you should think about whether you will be using these features. What you should opt for is a light-weight and straightforward theme that offers excellent page speed and looks clean at the same time.


Lastly, you will need to think about the situation with SERPs. Google no longer accepts just a simple top 20 list of links. You should now include featured snippets and quick links to get better Google results.

Remember that the cleaner your HTML is, the simpler it is for search engines to populate their SERPs. This action will help you increase your CTR to your website.

By using a web page builder, you may not get the desired results you want. So it is best to use the minimal approach and create easy to read content together with an efficient WP theme.

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