How To Create A Meaningful Financial Independence Blog

Financial Independence Blog

Every person wants to be liberated from the bondage of employment. The only way to get this done is to make a lot of money and make that money earn more money.

This way, you do not have to work anymore. This can be done in so many ways, and there is a need for a financial independence blog that will help people achieve this goal. The thing is, how do you create one that is meaningful to your readers?

Here, we will tackle the best kinds of content that your blog must have, should you want to focus on this niche.

  • Ways to make money
  • Understanding Different Investments
  • The Nuances of Business

Ways to Make Money

People will always be interested in making money. As such, you need to provide them with ways on how to make it. Besides, financial independence is hardly achieved without a means to make money.

As a financial independence advisor, you are going to be much more believable if you write about this topic in a series. Not in a way where you write 101 Ways to Make money and then you just provide a snapshot of many ideas.

People appreciate exhaustive content, especially on the topic of finance. Also, you must only write about doable methods that just about any person can try, at no huge costs or capital. Examples of these are:

  • Blogging
  • Monetizing a youtube channel
  • affiliate marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Selling on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, or Etsy
  • Providing services in online market places like fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer

There are dozens of topics you can choose from. Although you are not expected to be an expert on everything, you must do thorough research to make your blog entries believable. Do this instead of making it look like a cookie-cutter article.

It also makes sense if you can give your reader a projection of how much the earning potential is, how much capital is required, and the list of activities that a budding entrepreneur would have to do.

These articles must also be straightforward. A good approach is always to provide a list of steps to take. If what you are suggesting would require a long article, make it a series. Use this opportunity to make your readers subscribe by giving them your email address.

Each article must give a person a new-found knowledge. And this must be thorough, not just bits and pieces of information that will leave your reader hanging, or having questions that your article should have answered.

Understanding Different Investments

What is an investment, and what are the types of investments that will yield more money? This should be a part of your blog, and it must be a staple content that people should look forward to. For example, you must be able to differentiate mutual funds from stocks and 401K.

It is alright to write a simple listicle of the most common investment vehicles and briefly describing them. But there has to be a follow-up article that will elaborate on these investment vehicles in detail. For example, you may mention something about mutual funds.

In this case, you must write several other articles revolving around this topic, such as:

  • Different types of mutual funds
  • Biggest companies that offer mutual funds
  • How do mutual funds work in detail?
  • What are the risks and rewards of investing in mutual funds?

At best, you can write about the actual performances of mutual funds. This information may readily be available from other websites. If you do use this information, do not forget to cite your source to add credibility to your entry.

And since you are talking about investments, you must write about how to calculate risk appetites. You do not need to create a calculator to do this. There are many risk appetite calculators out there, and you just need to re-create them in a way that your readers would understand.

Ask your readers to take the risk appetite quiz, list down their scores, and calculate how many points they earned in the end. Then, they can identify their risk appetite score from a table, which will depend on their total points. Do not forget to add a disclaimer in the end.

The Nuances of Business

Building a business is one of the faster roads to financial freedom. Since you have already touched on the subject of setting up different businesses on how to make money in your financial independence blog. The focus of this area is to teach people how to build one legally.

In this section of your financial independence blog, you must explain things that an average Joe may not know as far as legitimate businesses are concerned. Some topics that can get you started are:

  • Types of business ownership
  • Taxes and how they differ from one business ownership type to another
  • Step by step process in setting up a business in [country here]
  • Documents you need to prepare when setting up a business
  • The top things you need to outsource when setting up a business
  • How to create a business plan and timeline of activities

It is important that you get your details right, or put a disclaimer at the bottom and make it clear that you are not a lawyer. The advice you provide should not be taken as legal advice.

This section will yield a lot of comments or feedback. Your articles need to be helpful and must answer common questions. If you do not know where you start, just ask your friends or pretend that you are putting up a business yourself.

Remember each state or each country has different laws as far as business requirements and taxes are concerned. You can approach this and use a state as a reference, but make it clear that the things you say may not apply to other states or countries.

What’s essential is you provide the reader with the idea that governments need all these documents. Also, the reader who is looking forward to putting up a business must be prepared to provide these to the government.


A financial independence blog is demanding. However, you’ll only succeed if you provide your reader with helpful information which makes him smarter. Don’t just regurgitate run-of-the-mill articles that do not enrich a person’s life.

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