4 Ways On How To Make Money Travel Blogging

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Travel blogging is one of the most desired freelance careers out there. Apart from having the opportunity to visit various places, one can expect to live decently if the blog earns enough money to sustain a lifestyle.

Today, we will discuss ways on how to make money travel blogging.

As always, you cannot generate income from a blog that has no traffic. So before thinking of monetizing your blog, you need to ensure that you are providing value to your readers.

After that, you can make money in the following ways.

Post Advertisements

Hotels, restaurants, and all other hospitality institutions want to put their name out there.

Typically, the owner would give you freebies such as free hotel stays, free food, and such. This, however, will not help you make money.

What you want is cash, and you need to charge some money instead of freebies. To do this, you must create proposals and send them to your target establishments.

Advertisements come in many forms. You can enroll in Google Ads or other traffic advertisement networks. But these methods pay peanuts, as they only pay a few cents per click or impression.

If you want to milk your hard work, you have to convince business owners that putting their name out of your website is going to yield reruns on their investment.

Charge an amount you can live with, and post their ads in visible areas in your website.

Get Freelance Writing Gigs

Your travel blog must be so convincing that people in the hospitality business would want the same content as yours. And if they do, you got yourself a means to make a living.

You can write soft-selling articles that restaurants can use on their own website, or you can write service descriptions for hotels.

If you do this, you need to charge a price that you are comfortable with. What you want is to find big hotels and restaurants who are serious about putting quality content on their websites on a daily basis.

If you can charge them $100 per day of work, and if you found several clients to fill up a 20-work day period, then you have $2,000 for an income per month.

Sell Products Through Affiliate Marketing

One of the best and popular ways how to make money travel blogging is through affiliate marketing.

It is a process where you sell someone else’s products or services, and then you get a commission should you succeed in closing a sale.

As a travel blogger, you are an authority figure about anything related to food, fun, pleasure, and hotels.

Your recommendations mean a lot to your readers, and they are likely to follow our lead if you tell them that Brand XYZ Tours offer excellent service and value for their money.

What you need to do is to find affiliate marketing programs that offer a high commission rate. You can try programs like Clickbank in your effort to find a suitable service to sell.

Sell eBooks

The last method that we can recommend on how to make money travel blogging is by selling eBooks.

Since you are an expert about traveling, there are so many subject matters that you can write about concerning traveling, like tips when traveling with a baby, how to eat a posh restaurant, how to properly eat steak, things to prepare when going to a specific country, and so much more.

Better yet, you should write a coffee table book and well it to your audience. Surely, you have a phone that can take pictures.

Use it to compile photos of the same niche. For example, take photos of the best foods, then collate them into one book, and sell them.

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