10 Must-Try Tips To Create Viral Videos On TikTok

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Well, you may be chilling on your couch after your hectic work, thinking about random thoughts, racking your brains on how the world is jumping on TikTok and creating viral or getting their video on the “for you” page.

TikTok is an unavoidable social media platform, especially during this pandemic situation; its popularity has skyrocketed. More and more brands, companies, creators, and businesses have started recognizing the unlimited potential of TikTok. 

Anyone can enter this platform and become viral on TikTok, do you think? It’s an easy task, of course not, you have to overcome some tips and tricks. If you’re looking for ways to increase your fame or create viral videos, this article is for you.

Let’s get started,

Jump-Start Your Video With Mass Opening 

TikTok is one of the fastest moving social media platforms; here, you have to catch the audience’s eyesight within 3 to 5 seconds. Grabbing their attention before your audience ignores your video is crucial; actually, it’s a good sign that your video is performing well.

It is essential to hook your audience early, so you can easily drag them till the end. Hence create a video with a good start, with a unique tone and style. By doing so, people’s watch will increase so that TikTok will push your videos to more and more new viewers.

In fact, there are many ways to capture your audience’s attention, but you have to experiment with different methods to check which works for your videos.

Keep Your Short & Captivating 

Do you know? The algorithm will favor video completion rate; what is video completion rate? If the viewers entirely watch your video, you will get a video completion rate of 100. On top of that, people like to watch short videos (15 seconds) rather than one-minute videos. Hence make your video as short as possible to increase your views rate. 

To get a video completion rate, make your video short and create with great attraction right at the start. If your video completion rate increases, TikTok will get your video on the “for you” page, thereby you can get more chances to go viral.

Pay Attention To Trending Sound & Song 

I think you all know the importance of hashtags; it plays a significant role in increasing your content discoverability. So, it’s crucial to use trending songs at the right time on this platform, where people feed off popular songs. It assists you in getting your video viral, and the TikTok algorithm will work positively.

Actually, there are three wonderful ways to find trending songs in your niche.

  • Follow the popular creators and see what they are doing; you will get some viral momentum.
  • Frequently check the “for you” page to see what type of songs are getting more traction.
  • Finally, visit the “sound” section at the top, where you can spot various trending songs under “discover.” Once you figure trending music or songs, use them in your videos. Even you can use that trending music in your video in your voiceover content.

Be Expert In Storytelling

Apart from lip-syncing and dancing, storytelling videos go well on TikTok. By expressing your raw feelings, like anger, fear, excitement, happiness, you can connect emotionally and spruce up your story. You can share any of your stories, your daily routines, with human emotions. 

One of the excellent ways to tell a story and capture audience attention is by adding text. For instance, you’re addressing your fear of seeing the snake. Or you can tell a story but end with a twist or big suspense to increase your engagement rate.

Include A Strong Call-To-Action

If you can capture your audience’s eyesight till the end of your videos, you win. Yes, you have more chances to get viral. In fact, you can make your audience visit all your content or check your website by adding strong call-to-action. Don’t forget to include clickable links in your bio. It assists in boosting your traffic to your decided landing page or site.

Boost Your Engagement rate 

Engagement is the essential factor on TikTok to gain more visibility and reach. There are so many ways to increase your TikTok video engagement rate. When your follower’s rate increases, your engagement rate will also increase. If you don’t have enough followers, you can go for the TikTok followers app, which helps to gain your account’s genuine people. As a result, you can get more views, comments, likes for your videos, and you can see drastic changes in your engagement rate.

Your Video Must Be Rewatchable 

Video completion rate plays a significant role in deciding whether your content is performing well or not. To make your audience watch your video, you can add captivating text to your content again and again. So sure, they will watch your video multiple times to read the text. 

For instance, if you’re putting any address or place for one second in your video, the interested people will rewatch your video to catch the exact text. Even if they pause your video again and again to re-read the text. This way, you make the people spend more time on your video, which is exemplary, signaling for algorithms that it’s an engaging video.

If your video continues to perform well, it will appear on the “for you” page and more new audiences; that way, your content can go viral.

Engage With Your Community 

Just like other platforms, it’s essential to engage with your community. Especially, reply to your audience’s comments as fast as possible, because if your video got a number of comments, it has a chance to go viral. So, engage with your audience and try to make your audience comment on your videos. 

For instance, try to respond to all the comments, which are related to your question. It helps to build long conversations among your audience and encourage others to comment back. Mainly, reply to the new video to get higher engagement.

If you interact with your followers to make them happy and recognized, try to build good relationships with them, your audience is your biggest strength.

Create Your Video With Something Controversial 

When you see other viral videos made by TikTokers, most of the content is unique, experimenting with new things more than regular videos. Creatively try our different things, unexpected action on a specific topic will gain virality on TikTok.

When you choose the way of slightly controversial, you can bring bags of engagement to your videos by receiving more shares, comments, views. Talk about the current sensational and controversial topic. On seeing your video, people started to give their opinions. 

Be Real & Authentic

Finally, to make your video viral, you need to be authentic, genuine, original. Since Generation Z occupies this platform, you have to create fresh and engaging content always. Understand the trend, be the first person to take part in viral videos.


It may take time to figure out your own style and identify what works for your account. When your video doesn’t go viral overnight, don’t give up, the opportunities and potential in this platform are endless. Remember, try to know your audience’s expectations, preferences, keep your eye on current trending videos, songs, and create engaging content. TikTok has so many users, so creators will always find innovative ways to develop their viral content.

Anne Joseph

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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