How To Create A Simple Landing Page That Gets Optimal Results

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If you are operating a business where you are selling a product, you must have a landing page. The thing is that not all landing pages are created equal.

A landing page is the home page or a single-page website where a customer “lands.” This is where you drive traffic, and it is the page where you convince a potential customer to make the decision to buy. As such, its effectiveness cannot be underestimated.

Today, I will discuss several tips on how to create a simple landing page that gets optimal results. By the end of this tutorial, you should have the right tools and knowledge to equip yourself on how to build a landing page and make sales.

1. Inviting with a headline

The headline is the doorway to sales. A good headline is what makes a customer stay on your site to read more.

Your headline must be short, on point, and it has to immediately tell the reader that “Hey, this is the page you are looking for!”

Here are some tips for writing a good headline:

  • Understand your market – no, not the market, but your market. You must understand what people need. If you do not know who you are selling to, you will never be able to create a good headline.  
  • Include benefits or results – what you are trying to do is to make a sale. Therefore, the headline of your landing page must offer what the reader is supposed to get. For example, you can say things like “Reverse the Effects of Diabetes with Science-Backed Formula!”
  • Create shock value – use words that shock people. For example, you can say “Facebook is Dead, But Our Method Isn’t!” As you can see, your claim about Facebook is a shocker. What’s more, is that you are essentially saying that you have a better solution.

I want to add that you have to keep the headline concise. Long headlines are not just difficult to read, but they are also spammy. The headline must be short enough, but good enough to deliver a message. If you want to get good at headlines, read the front page of magazines.

2. Persuading with sub-headings

Your landing page must have sub-headings. Do not ever write big chunks of texts on your landing page. Big blocks of text are not easy to read, and they will make your site visitors go away.

Sub-headings are labels that tell the reader that he is going to read about a new topic. The sub-headings must be written in the same way as your title or headline—it must have shock value. However, it does not have to offer a solution right away.

The sub-heading is like a new chapter in a book. It takes the site visitor on a journey about the product or services that you offer.

Here are some tips on how to write sub-headings:

  • Use parallelism – this is a writing technique where your phases have the same grammatical structure. If the first sub-heading started with a verb, then most, if not all, of your sub-headings, must start with a verb.  
  • Use the same lengths – if possible, make your sub-headings equal in length, not in characters but in terms of syllables. This technique makes it easy for the reader to read and create a routine in his head.
  • Connect it with the title – each sub-title must be related to your main offer at the headline. If you offered a diabetes cure in the headline, then each sub-title must be related to diabetes.

Your sub-title must also make the reader feel or think that the reading is about to be over. As I mentioned earlier, it has to be a journey. Each sub-title must be a part of this journey, written in the form of a story. This is the only way the site visitor will stay on your page until the end.

3. Discussing the problems

On your landing page, one of the components you should never miss is identifying the problem. In the diabetes example earlier, the reader knows right away that your landing page is about reversing the effects of diabetes.

On your landing page, you must enumerate the other problems that come with it, and then discuss them even further. For the diabetes example, you can tell the reader things about obesity, death, lifestyle changes, money issues, insulin dependency, and so much more.

Why is this important?

It is important because you want to create a “need.” Many people do not understand that they need something unless you help them understand what they are dealing with.

A successful salesperson knows that a customer has to fear something. It is this fear that makes a person buy a product or a service.

4. Offering a solution

Once you have identified the problems, you can now begin to offer a solution, and this solution is your product. In this part of your landing page, you have to explain why your services or products are the better options than what is out in the market already.

In this section of your landing page, you have to provide the features and the benefits of what you are selling. I recommend that you focus on the benefits, not the features.

A book is a feature, but it is not a benefit. Remote control is a feature, but it is not a benefit. A benefit is something that is directly tied to results.

Here are some examples:

  • A cure
  • Saving time
  • Saving money on something
  • Earning money from your product
  • Learning something new  

A feature, on the other hand, is nothing more than a component. For example, an online course that is accessible anytime is a feature, but it is not a benefit.

The benefit is that the person can learn no matter where he is located. Another benefit is that the person could access the tutorial if he forgot something.

5. Providing value

The last tip on how to create a simple landing page that gets optimal results is that you should give value.

What does this mean?

Value is something that people get in exchange for their money. Entertainment is value. Knowledge is value.

On your landing page, you must be able to explain to the consumer why your product is beneficial, and what value he will get out of it. However, you cannot do this unless you understand your target market.

You can also compare your product with others. You can tell the reader that they are getting more value than others. But I have to warn you that a discounted price is not really something of value.

Do not focus on the discount that you are offering, but the number of benefits you are giving away.

Summary: How to Create a Simple Landing Page That Gets Optimal Results

Your landing page is the most important part of your business. It is the first page that site visitors see. If you do not do it right, people will leave. And if they do, you lost the opportunity to make a sale.

Do not think that they will come back—they won’t. Once a person gets to your landing page, the only thing you must try to achieve is to make this person either buy or register for your email subscription.

Make sure that your landing page is not annoying—too long and people will leave, too short, and you may not be giving yourself the chance to explain what you have to offer. Focus on the problem and the benefits of your product or service, not the price. 

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