The Top 5 Best Blog Niches To Make Money

Blog Niches to Make Money

There was a time when blogs were just a form of a journal. Today, it has become the bread and butter of many writers. While being passionate about something is the right place to start, it is of equal importance that you write about something that will make you money.

The question is: what are the best blog niches to make money?

Here, we will attempt to answer this and provide you with the topics that can help you generate income. These blog topics are:

  • Health
  • Parenting
  • Personal Finance
  • Self-Development
  • Ways to Make Money


There will always be a parent out there who is clueless about how to raise his child. Although parenting is intuitive, we will all come across situations where we run out of ideas to make our children happy.

And this is where you come in. Parenting is a blanket niche, and there is so much to cover in this topic. While this niche is already saturated, there are some things that you can exploit so you can provide help to a specific group of people.

Some of the sub-topics that you can cover are:

  • Developing a child’s study habits
  • Best healthy breakfast or meals for children
  • Developing a positive attitude among teenagers
  • Great weekend or artistic activities for your kids
  • How to deepen the bond between you and your kids

It is entirely up to you whether you want to cover all these topics, or if you want to focus on a sub-niche.

Parenting is a great topic to make money because there are so many products that you can sell where you can earn a commission.

You can sell pottery toys, clothing, food, crafts and hobby materials, and so much more. You can also sell online courses, or recommend websites where medical products are sold for children.


Everybody wants to be healthy. Despite learning about the food pyramid and everything about health in school, many people still choose to live a carefree lifestyle.

Consequently, they eventually develop an unhealthy lifestyle. And then one day, they want to do a 180-degree turn, but they do not know where to start.

What you can focus on in this niche is how to remedy a problem that already exists. Help people solve a health problem, and provide ways where they can start their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re not a qualified medical professional, it is best to abstain from issuing medical advice. Instead, you need to concentrate on topics that can help people curb their bad habits. Some topics that you can cover are:

  • Morning exercises that work
  • Things you did not know that make you healthy
  • A complete meal plan for the month
  • How to understand food labels and ingredients
  • Habits of healthy people and how to avoid bad habits
  • How to stop smoking

To make money in this blog, you can sell eBooks and earn a commission, or write one and sell it. You can also insert affiliate products that people can buy, such as exercise machines, clothing for physical activities, branded shoes, vitamins and health supplements, and so much more.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is one of the best blog niches to make money because despite being smart, a lot of people fail miserably at this aspect of their lives.

This is probably because personal finance is not a subject that is covered in school in an in-depth capacity.

Think of people who are deep in debt. What can you do to help them get out of it?

If you cover this blog topic, do not make it complicated. Keep the words as simple as you can because your target audience is the common man. Do not use terms like “divesting” or “accrual accounting.”

What you want to do with this blog is to make a reader understand the actions you want him to take so he can make changes in his financial health.

Some topics you can cover are:

  • Ways to save money
  • Ways you are wasting money
  • Hacks and alternatives to expensive items
  • The mathematics of saving and how to do them
  • The definition of frugal living or how to live frugally
  • How to track and analyze your expenses

If you write about this blog topic, keep in mind that it is best to provide a listicle type of article. The lists you provide must be able to solve a problem, and they must be actionable.

Since money management requires a lot of basic mathematics, it is a great idea to provide your audience with templates they can use in managing their money. You can also provide them with simple exercise sheets so they can apply what they have learned.

Everything we do involves money, so be on the lookout for things that people do daily, such as saving on groceries, gas, food, and more.

To make money off this topic, you can sell a personal finance book, or you can recommend products like money management apps. You can also sell any item that is a cheaper alternative to what people commonly buy, and then earn a commission from it.


This niche covers a wide range of topics, but it must be different from physical health. In this niche, you must include anything that can help a person become better, in consideration that this person is already physically healthy.

For example, you can cover self-esteem. You can also write about improving leadership or management skills.

Here are some topics you can write about:

  • How to get better at your career
  • Learn a new language
  • How-tos and DIY topics
  • How to be effective at being a manager
  • How to build a business or a website

This niche allows you to make money in several ways. If you are focused on leadership and management techniques, you can sell books and earn a commission. If your focus is language, you can sell courses and charge the clients for it.

You can also become an affiliate for some manufacturers, most especially so if you are teaching people to build something physical.

For example, you might be good at woodworking so you can teach people how to build cabinets. In here, you can sell tools like a circular saw and earn a commission.

Ways to Make Money

People will always be interested in making money. Use this to your advantage and make money, too. Focus on the simple ways on how they can supplement their income, such as building an online store or how to sell on social media.

Some topics you can cover are:

  • Services that you can sell online
  • How to join a networking company
  • Ways to make sales online
  • How to find winning products that people buy

To make money from this niche, you must have a list of software or manufacturers or those that sell tools to help your audience make this happen.

If you are teaching a person to build an online store, be an affiliate of WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, or shopify. If they subscribe to these services, you get a commission.


So, there go the best blog niches to make money. Before you start, choose one that really sits deep in your heart. It helps a lot when you write about something that you care about.

As is always said, the money will come later. Help others first, and money comes right after.

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