The 5 Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Blogs That Make Money

There are many ways to make money by blogging. However, there are topics that we can say are tried and tested.

These niches will never go away, and you will observe that even without the internet, these subject matters have saturated pop culture all through the ages.

Here, we will be talking about the five types of blogs that make money and help you consider which one of these will inspire you to create and monetize your own blog.

These topics are:

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Health and Fitness
  • Making Money Online and Other Businesses
  • DIY and Educational Niches
  • Entertainment and Show Business

Fashion and Beauty

From TV shows to magazines, there is never a shortage of anything that has something to do with this topic. Humans have always elevated beauty, and this comes at a price.

People will not hesitate to spend time and money on cosmetics products and clothing. And what you can do is to take advantage of this primal desire to be attractive.

Write about fashion tips, cool trends, how to apply make-up, cosmetic reviews, skin lotions that fight aging, and anything that falls under this category.

Some examples are:

  • How to apply make-up
  • Fashion trends for winter, spring, summer, and fall
  • How to dress appropriately for every occasion
  • Clothing colors that match

The way you can make money can be split into several areas:

  • Sell an online course
  • promote beauty and fashion products and earn a commission
  • Launch your own line of products
  • Re-direct your customers to your online store
  • Use your blog as an advertising platform for manufacturers known brands

Naturally, it comes without saying that you must be an example of fashion and beauty yourself. This is why it makes sense that you only get into this topic if you can walk the talk.

Post pictures of yourself to show what you mean, as this niche is pretty much eye candy. People tend not to believe a blog of this sort if there is no tangible evidence of your expertise.

Health and Fitness

Whether it is about physical strength or simply about muscle toning, there is a lot of issues and hot topics that you can cover in this niche.

Alongside physical fitness, you can include guidance on how to be healthy. Some examples of topics that you can cover in this type of blog are:

  • The harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco on your body
  • How to stop a bad habit
  • Weight loss exercises and/or diets
  • How to curb your appetite
  • Simple exercise programs you can do for 15 minutes

As a health buff, you can make money in this niche in so many ways. If you just observe carefully, there is never a shortage of TV ads about new health and fitness products.

What this means is that you can make money through the following methods:

  • Sell physical fitness products
  • Create a diet plan, recipe, or eBook and sell it
  • Be an affiliate marketer for a fitness and health course
  • Sell food supplements or weight loss pills and make either a direct profit or a commission

Like fashion and beauty, it will help if you have a model about the things you talk about in every post; you need to show evidence of a man or woman who embodies health and fitness.

Making Money Online and Other Businesses

The money someone makes will never be enough for that person. It is a natural desire for people to make more money than what they are earning.

These people need guidance on how they can earn more money without investing a lot. The way you can help them is by giving them a path to fulfill their dreams.

One of the best types of blogs that make money is by telling people how to supplement their day job income. This niche works if you focus on a particular sub-niche. If you write about many ways to make money, your blog will not sound credible.

Choose a niche and use that blog to cover all potential issues on that topic. Some sub-niches you can focus on are:

  • affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Make money with social media like pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Dropshipping
  • Online sales with eBay, amazon or your own website

If you cover this topic, you need to plan how you will go about your posts carefully. The best route to go is to create something that will look like a course. Start the blog with an overview of the business, and then work your way from there.

Here, you can make money by selling courses, or by being an affiliate marketer of a product or service, you’ll be able to get a commission for every successful referral.

DIY and Educational Niches

Labor is expensive, and many people would rather that they do some minor house repairs themselves.

There are also people who have a burning desire to learn something new, and you can capitalize on this by providing meaningful DIY posts in your blog.

Some of the topics you can cover are:

  • How to mix and use concrete
  • Power tools and how to use them
  • Different types of wood and how to choose the right one for a project
  • Arts and crafts for home décor

Here, it also makes sense that you focus only on one kind of niche. If your blog is about woodworking, it does not make sense that you touch on the subject of recycling plastic.

Your blog must have its own unique identity, so choose your DIY subject carefully.

Make money from this niche by selling products and earn a commission from them. If you are teaching woodworking, you can sell power tools like a pocket hole jig, a band saw, a grinder, and many more.

To do this, you can be an affiliate of a manufacturer, or be an affiliate marketer of Amazon and eBay.

Entertainment and Show Business

Amongst the types of blogs that make money all the time is entertainment and show business. This includes books, movies, singers, writers, and so many more.

People’s interest in TV personalities will never wane. Cover the latest events, gossips, and hot issues about the most famous celebrities, and you have a sure audience.

Some topics you can cover are:

  • Top things you did not know about [insert actor’s name here]
  • Top horror movies of all time
  • How to watch the MCU in the proper order
  • The Harry Potter actors then and now
  • Top books about romance

This is a great topic because you will never run out of something to write. Every day, you need to check out what’s new in your social media feed, and then get ideas from there.

If you come across an article that you think you can write better, go for it.

What you can do to make money on this topic is to sell advertising spaces on your website. Look for clients who sell clothing and make-up, or those who want to sell books, and charge them for the advertising.


These five topics will always be a global favorite. The good thing about it is that you have a guaranteed market.

If you choose a blog topic that covers a very particular niche, like hunting knives, you can still find a market, but it will be a lot more complicated than these five.

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