How To Make Money Blogging In 2019: Successful Bloggers Show Us The Way

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As we move forward in time, the internet also evolves. And the way you made money online before may not be effective now.

In the last decade, customers have become wiser. They now know how to spot bloggers who are just trying to milk them money.

Consumers also know how affiliate marketing works so this may not be the best of all options.

Add to that the fact that many people are now blogging with the same goals as you do—to make money.

You are competing against millions of bloggers, and making money is going to be a lot more complicated than how it used to be.

So, what ways are still effective to make money blogging in 2019?

Before even thinking about making money, think about the value you offer, and what is your audience size?

Here, we will not go into the details of what makes an excellent blog, but we must stress that successful bloggers provide content that helps people, and that they have amassed an enormous volume of traffic regularly.


No, we are not talking about Google adsense. Putting this on your website will only pay you peanuts. If you want to make money blogging in 2019, you have to be an influencer. You must have a considerable following, and you need to be able to provide proof to your potential advertiser that your posts.

And how do you do this?

Use tools that measure clicks. If you can provide an advertiser how many clicks they can expect if they post an ad on your site, then you can ask them for reasonable money.

There are many software and plug-ins that you can use to measure this. Once you have the data and you can present it convincingly, you can charge money in exchange for posting a company’s ad on your blog pages.

Although many people talk about CPC and CPM, these advertising methods are really not worth your time and effort. Advertising methods like CPM and CPC will only pay pennies, and you are better off selling your article than making money off of it through paid ads from Google.

Sell an eBook

If you are a blogger, then you must be a writer. And definitely, you can write valuable content that you can sell.

Do not sell affiliate products if you can create your own. The problem with affiliate links today is that many companies that have this program make the affiliate link only active within 24 hours.

This is bad. If a customer clicks your affiliate link today and bought it AFTER 24 hours, you do not get paid a commission.

What you need to do to earn more is to write your own eBook. But before you can sell it, you must build credibility. You can do this by posting only meaningful articles on your blog.

The eBook you write must be a culmination of everything a person has to learn about your specific niche. You can also split the eBook into three different books for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

One book that you sell is money in your pocket. You do not have to pay for fees except the transaction fees of your payment provider. You do not have to share it with the online bookstore, either.

If you want, you can offer a free one, and then just make sure that it is so good but not enough that it will force the reader to buy Book 2 and Book 3.

Sell an Online Course

If you do not want to write an eBook, you can create an online course. There are two ways to do this. The first is by video, and the second one is by the written curriculum.

And a course, your writing or presentation style must be rich with information that is instructional in format.

The reader or viewer must be able to follow some steps that will enrich his skill, so do not just write about anything that does not add value.

When you sell an online course, you need a delivery method. To do this, you can submit your courses on online platforms like Coursera. These are online sites that accept video courses from instructors like you.

You can charge a fee or offer it for free. The online site will get a cut for every enrolment.

If you can program your own blog to facilitate the online videos or courses, then you should do that, so you do not share your revenues. This is what successful bloggers do.

Sell Memberships

It is difficult to convince people to become a member and pay subscription fees. You can only do this if you provide meaningful content that people must follow because if they don’t, they will miss out on valuable lessons.

Memberships allow you to earn recurring payments. This is best done if you have a consistent flow of new materials, or if you want to give your customers better options about how to spend their money.

Some customers do not want to buy courses or eBooks because it requires an upfront payment. Once they pay, the money is gone.

Some customers would prefer that they pay monthly, and then have the capability to unsubscribe anytime.

These are people who are not yet entirely sure if they want to pursue what you are teaching or people who do not think it is worth it to continue paying for the education you offer.

Get Paid for Reviews

The last way to make money blogging in 2019 is to write paid reviews. Many business owners today recognize the power of a blogger or influencer.

With millions of site visitors, they are excited to become part of that community, and the advantage of the possibility to convert readers into customers.

If you are an influencer, a company will be very interested to see positive reviews about their products. This is critical for them because they are looking for endorsers who can build their reputation.

Never accept ex-deals. An ex-deal is a business agreement where you will write a review in exchange for a product. Seriously, you cannot accept a plate of food in exchange for your work.

Of course, the only difference is if you are being offered an expensive product that you cannot afford. Or probably a service like a stay in an elegant hotel or an iPhone.

If you will write a review, price it in two ways: price it according to the cost of your labor per hour for writing it plus the cost of advertising the business on your website.

Make the review a lengthy one and make sure it is objective. Be honest if you are sponsored.

Make the review balanced where there are pros and cons, and you will be providing service to both your clients and your site visitors.


The world is changing, and so you must also change your approach to how you make money blogging in 2019. The internet is so full of click baits and useless material.

The thing you need to focus on is value. Make your readers create for more. Create a demand for what you can do, and you will be able to make money in no time.

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