Optimizing Your Website for Google Featured Snippets

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Everyone desires to jump to the first Google ranking without having to pack on loads of content updates and backlinks. To achieve this, Featured Snippets are an excellent way.  You might have come in contact with various formats of the information displayed in Google SERP. The vast display of information that provides you with a quick view of information is known as “Zero Position.”

I have highlighted ways I optimize my website for Google Featured Snippets. With the information I have provided below, you can get to the top of Google ranking and interact with the world from up there. To learn more about this, continue reading.

What are Google Featured Snippets?

Whether or not you’ve noticed it, you have most likely seen numerous featured snippets from Google when looking for answers to your questions or when searching for information. I usually refer to the stance that featured snippets provide to content as “Position Zero.”

This is because featured snippets take most space on a search results page.  They are commonly at the topmost part of the page, too.

For example, if you search for “How to lay tile” on Google, Google will provide answers to your question with a snippet that contains information about your searched question above all other links on the search results. Google does this by pulling them from the already ranking content on the first page.

However, it can also draw from SERPs that are lower ranking.  You can easily find answers to related questions with these snippets without clicking any link to view the information.

This is what a featured snippet looks like.

Image Source: Neilpatel

Types of Featured Snippets

There are five featured snippets styles. 

  1. Numbered List

Image Source: Ahrefs

  1. Table

Table style snippets give answers in a pattern of – you guessed it – tables. They commonly look something like this:

Image Source: Neilpatel

  1. Paragraph

In paragraph style featured snippets, Google provides an answer in the form of text and not in the form of a list. An image might also accompany the text, like this:

Image Source: Ahrefs

  1. Bullet List

Image Source: Ahrefs

  1. Video

Image Source: Ahrefs

How Do You Get Included in Featured Snippets?

You can easily get included in featured snippets if you are familiar with the basic SEO tools. Carrying research, identifying the target keywords, modifying the on-page content structure, and some tweaks are involved.  Let’s look briefly into it.

1.   Identify the Keywords You Intend to Target

When testing out a strategy, I always begin with big-head keywords followed by long-tail keywords. Keyword research tools like SEMrush, Google’s Keyword Planner, and WordStream always help me with keyword research. 

2.     Research is Key

Featured snippets require a colossal input of research. A lot needs to be studied on the type of questions you need to answer, the types of answers people search for, and create a query list that your content must possess to increase the chances of being featured.

3.     Work on Your On-page Content Structuring

I work closely with the team of writers to update the layout of the content of my blog posts. Add frame, keywords, and position the blogs to be essential to the user’s searches and closely examine other related things.

4.     Measure and Test

I try to measure the performance of the changes I make from time to time. You should monitor the keywords targeted by your competitors. Look out for improvements in the details, design, and other aspects of the content. You will quickly replace your competitors in the featured snippets if you manage to provide a new answer and drive traffic to it.

How do You Optimize Your Website for Featured Snippets?

Begin with on-page Search Engine Optimization! There is no shortcut to getting featured for featured snippets SEO. You will need to match up to Google’s standard because they favor the users.

Providing the best possible answers to searches is the best way to get featured in snippets. However, we have provided more tips that will help you rank more excellently in featured snippets.

1.     Be Well Organized and Factual

Google loves lists, numbers, and steps. For instance, featured snippets list the number of steps, the actual ingredients, nutrition and flavor, and the time to cook the recipe. While Google will like to feature your number-driven and well-structured content, you also need to stay factual.

2.     Provide Concise Answers to Each Question

Google usually features an answer given within one paragraph. Be guided by this. It is important to note that Google prefers long-form content divided into logical structures and sections of related good pictures.

Because of this, we recommend that you adjust the style of your blogging, provide questions, follow the questions with answers that are short-paragraphed. After that, further, elaborate on the details.

3.     Provide Answers to Various Related Questions

Once your page gets featured, it is most likely to get featured for many other similar queries. Google determines closely related and synonymic questions. So, ensure that you mold your content in this fashion.

4.     Accurately Organize Your Questions

Organize your queries in a proper way to create well-structured and well-shaped content. Doing this will associate similar questions in one article.

You also need to update the images in your content with relevant alt-text. Doing this will primarily increase your chances of getting your page picked by Google for featured snippets. 


Landing on a featured snippet position is both probable and not just possible.  Just as it happens in marketing and SEO, there isn’t a laid down method to achieving this. Feel free to optimize content and experiment.  Ensure you add content optimization as a constant process of your Search Engine Optimization strategy, and one of your pages might just get featured in Google Featured Snippets.

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