9 Photography Blog Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Photography Blog Ideas

A picture paints a thousand words. And in this case, photos do. Images, when taken professionally, capture precious moments and can inspire emotion in many people.

But as a professional photographer and blogger, you may run out of photography blog ideas sometimes.

Here, we will provide you with some fresh ideas of what pictures to take, which you can put on your blog to attract more site visitors and help you earn more money.

These are:

  • Nature
  • Food
  • Hobbies
  • Home Décor
  • Events
  • Lifestyle
  • Products
  • Sports
  • Wildlife


Nature will always be one of the most admired photos in the world. People know that it takes patience to take these, and there is still something about natural scenes that make viewers gasp.

When posting photos of nature, make sure you also provide adequate background information about the place, and not just a caption. It is not enough to give the name of the mountain ridge; you must provide some interesting facts about it.

For example, you can talk about the Grand Canyon, its size, that it has been like that for thousands of years, and that it is made up of several layers of bedrock.


One of the best photography blog ideas is food. There is a broad audience made of food lovers. Food is a natural enticement for humans, as we all need to eat.

When taking photos of food, the best approach is to take a close-up and highlight it. It is best to shoot it under natural light and provide the viewer with several angles like the top view and the side view.

There really is no need to add a recipe for it, but it does make sense to caption what the food about, and where to find it. Readers of your blog will also appreciate it if you can write about how it tastes, what it is made of, and what the quality of your experience was.


This can be a lot of things. You can post photos of a drone, the quality of the pictures it takes, or maybe a remote control car, and many other things.

A good thing to do if you will post photos about a hobby is to take the reader to your own journey. It is excellent to show pictures of the before and after, or the beginning and the end of a project.

For each photo, add a simple instruction, or the step you took. For example, you may be building a remote control car. In this case, you have to show different pictures of the chassis, the screws, the paint, and how it looks at each step you took in building it.

Home Décor and Interior

Everybody loves to beautify their homes. So, you can take advantage of this desire by creating a collection of photos.

The best thing to do here is to create categories and make your post look like an online coffee table book. Create different collections for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Ideally, each collection must have at least 20 pictures. And on each photo, explain what the design is about—is it Victorian? Minimalist? Modern?

It’s also a good practice to mention what the décor is made of, and how its colors affect the overall mood and them of the room.

If you can, tell the reader where they can buy the décor.


If you are socially active, one great idea for blog photography is to show photos of events. This can be about fashion shows, expos, Comic-Con, or anything where people gather under a specific theme.

What people want to see in this kind of blog post is a story. So you have to provide the story in both words and photos.

In Comic-Con, you must post a lot of photos highlighting the different costumes, guest actors, and stuff to buy.

When writing an event photoblog, you must always make a reader feel that he is there with you, that he can also do some sightseeing, albeit only in your blog.


A lifestyle blog is one where you show your followers about your life. It can be a lot of things, as you want to share the things that happen during different times of the day.

Here, you can post photos of your coffee, your patio, and other things related to your morning routine. You can do the same with your evening routine.

If you do this, people would love to see a lot of photos, including yourself. However, you have to keep it natural and believable. Today, many lifestyle bloggers receive backlash from people because they post seemingly unnatural photos of themselves in the morning.


Every now and then, there are new products that take the market by storm. Most of the time, these are gadgets like smartphones.

If you happen to buy one, then it is a great idea to show an “unboxing” type of photography. Show different photos of the product from its box to its plastic and finally, different angles of the product itself.

This is also great timing for you to tell your review of the product, its specs, and why you decided to buy it.

Product photography works best if you are into affiliate marketing. You can unbox a product, and then re-re-direct your reader to your affiliate link. If he buys, you can earn a commission.


Sport is a tough thing to cover for a photographer. You need to be an expert to be able to capture great moments. Also, you cannot take photos up close, and you may need expensive lenses to take photos of the sports event.

If you are not a journalist, you will not get a spot among them right where the action is happening. You will be taking photos with the crowd.

In sports, what you want is to create a story that allows readers to relive the most significant moments of the game, or allow people to feel it if they were not able to watch.

Sports photography is best done if you couple it with a story, such as showing a picture of a boxer getting hit square in the face.

Here, you must tell the reader what it took the other fighter to time that knockout punch, what kind of punch, and how the game ended.


Jungle animals, safari wildlife, and ocean adventures are great places to start. You may need special equipment for underwater photography, but it definitely is worth it.

This is one of the most challenging photography genres out there. You need to book a flight and hotel, wait for the animals, and be really patient until you get that right lighting condition, animal post, angles, and all that.

In a post like this, tell something about the animal, and the problems it is facing. If it is near extinction, a plea to the reader to stop supporting illegal activities surrounding this animal and ask them to donate for that cause.


If done right, these photography blog ideas can drive massive traffic to your site. People today are much more engaged in photos than reading, especially for topics that require visualization.

You should definitely post these photos on your Instagram page, and then redirect them to your website if they want to learn more.

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