The Ultimate Guide To Level Up Your Instagram Branding In 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Level Up Your Instagram Branding

People love to brand themselves or their page when it comes to social media. Because not just it gives them fame but also gives them enough opportunities to earn through it. So, it’s important to brand yourself to be on top of either your business page or your own profile.

Firstly, what’s branding? It’s a process of shaping your firm or service, or product based on its core values that decide the perception of people who see it. It’s basically the identity of your business or the action you offer to people.  

Why Instagram Branding?

Instagram was an instant photo-sharing platform in the beginning. But it’s not just that now becoming one of the biggest social media platforms with more than 1 billion monthly active users. Such a platform has an unreal impact on people and creates vast opportunities for business and marketing.

It will keep only increasing in 2022. But as much as the scope, competition is also very high on Instagram. So to compete and better your competitors, you have to level up your branding on Instagram. How to do that? There are some ways to do that. 

Establish Identity 

First, You have to be clear on your brand and how it should be. This is the basis of your brand. This is called brand values generally. It’s like someone asking you, ‘who are you?’ and Your reply is what brand values have for its brand. You should decide its theme and what it offers.

The more you get to define your brand’s identity, the more improvement in your branding process. Even the smallest of details make a big difference in establishing your brand. There are some key points you have to cover during this process are

  • Purpose of your brand
  • What it offers
  • Its principle and limitations
  • Target audience
  • How people should see it

Also, visual branding is essential. It involves the designing process of your brand, which is your brand image. 

Bio and Profile

Instagram bio is more like your visiting card. It is the area that gives the viewers an idea about you. The information should be short and precise about your business or activity. So you have to craft your bio carefully, which can help your viewers click the follow button right away. There are some tips for you.

  • Add your location to your bio. This can create more trust among your followers
  • Have an easily readable username. You can create a catchy one but don’t overdo it.
  • Add your contact option to your profile. Because it will give your followers an easily accessible way to contact you.
  • Use a clear and attractive display picture. Either logo or your face depends upon your activity.

Another thing you should do is to change your public profile into a business or creator profile. Because it offers many exclusive features that are not available for typical user profiles. 


Content is the thing that drives you forward. You have to keep posting content that is relevant to your activity. This is where you have to identify your content pillars. Content pillar means the topic or theme most related to your niche. This can be up to 5 concepts.

Identifying content pillars will help you avoid posting random stuff and give your audience an idea about your brand. It will also help you to specify your brand’s playground. And also, it is the central part of your marketing strategy.

For example: if you are a travel vlogger, the content pillars can be travel tips, hotel recommendations, reviews, photography that are actually related to your niche. So your followers and audience will image you or your page related to it. You will stand out from your competitors depending upon the uniqueness and quality of your content.

Post Quality

The next important thing is the quality of your posts. You may have found your content pillars and come up with excellent content, but if your post doesn’t have the quality, all your work will go in vain. Posts are the visual representation of your content. That’s what people can see from your end. So it’s essential to make good quality posts. 

You have to choose a specific style or theme that will give your feed a visually pleasing look for your brand. This will bring your brand a unique image among the audience. 

There are some tips to improve and better your post quality: 

  • Always use high-quality pictures. Avoid photos that are grainy or unclear.
  • Edit or retouch your pictures using editing tools before posting. Add filters depending upon the type of post. Make sure the quality does not drop during export after editing
  • Use different posting techniques like carousels, split pictures, or templates that are available online.
  • Add catchy or informative captions depending upon the context of the post to create more engagement that brings auto Instagram likes for more reach to your brand among your audience.
  • Use hashtags that are trending and relevant to your posts. Hashtags will help you to get a wider reach. Creating a custom hashtag for your brand is another wise move since it might have a scope of getting used by the audience. 

These are some tips that will help you to level up your Instagram branding in the upcoming year if you follow it regularly.

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