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In the past few years, Instagram has changed the whole marketing scenario. Many brands are now shifting their focus to digital marketing and social media marketing to promote their business and attain more customers with its success.

With a persistent approach to stay a step ahead in the race, marketers are always hunting for new marketing strategies that help them use Instagram effectively. Instagram consists of a vast user base and creative content.

In an attempt to leverage its user base and vibrancy from posts, businesses have discovered a fantastic strategy that provides some great results. You can even apply this strategy to embed Instagram feed on the website and build brand awareness.

What is Instagram Instagram Feeds

Instagram feeds are the collection of contents and posts visible on your screen when you log in to your Instagram account. 

After logging into your Instagram account, the first window that you see consists of posts and contents from your Instagram connections. On further exploring the platform, you can view other users’ content. Feeds are in reverse chronology, which means the latest post takes the top spot. 

These feeds are vibrant and lively as Instagram is a visual-based platform and focuses primarily on visual content, and that has been its recipe to success. You can bring this vibrancy to your website and display users’ creativity by embedding Instagram posts on your website.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds On Your Website

In this world of the internet, every day, new websites emerge and try to attract an audience. Even people prefer visiting the website, which looks appealing and enhances their browsing experience.

By embedding Instagram feed on your website, you can offer that appeal to your visitor. You can use an embedded feed to showcase all the content related to your business and keep your visitors engaged.

Many social media aggregator tools readily available in the market help you gather and display these contents on your website easily. You can imagine the amount of time and labor resources required to manually search for the content and manually embed them into your website. These tools make your task easy, save time and reduce cost.

People also tend to find more about a business before making any purchase; they even explore the different websites and look for reviews before trusting any brand. You can display your customers’ content with your products or posts with their opinions, as all these acts as social proof and help you win their trust.

And by displaying customers’ responses to your products also helps to build a solid customer-brand relationship. Moreover, it also enhances your reputation in the market.  

A vibrant and engaging website attracts people and develops an urge to visit it. And this eventually increases the web traffic on your website. Moreover, regular posts and updated content keep the users engaged and decrease the website’s bounce rate.

Ultimately, it helps you score a better search engine ranking position, which is very important for your brand recognition. 

As mentioned above, many tools help you embed Instagram feed on your website. This article consists of the list of top 5 effective, efficient, and provide excellent results.

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feeds on a Website


Tagembed is the best social media aggregator in the market; it helps you aggregate, curate, and customize the content from all over social media and display them on your website. In addition, it offers a dedicated Instagram widget that displays all the content related to your business from Instagram on your website. 

You can even customize the widget and choose from different templates and layouts to make the widget matching with your website. These details bring an appeal to your website and make it more vibrant. You can even personalize the feed by changing font style, font size, colors, etc., and create a great impression on your visitors.

The tool also provides you with a moderation feature to moderate the content that goes on for the display. In simple words, you can keep an eye on the content and filter out all unwanted and spam content from your feeds. Thus, it helps to maintain the quality of your website.


Snapwidget is another aggregator tool that helps you combine all the content related to your business from Instagram and display it on your website. It collects the content using hashtags, mentions, Instagram handles, etc. 

It provides you with attractive design options to attract your visitors’ attention and amplify your website traffic. You customize your widget using various widget designs and layouts. A good-looking website creates a great impression on the visitor and increases your chance of converting that visitor into your customer.


Taggbox is a popular UGC platform that allows you to collect content from social media platforms and exhibit them on your website. 

It allows you to embed Instagram posts with the help of Taggbox and increase the liveliness of your website. A lively website increases the traffic, as people often like to visit an attractive website as it enhances their browsing experience and throws a great vibe.

Taggbox offers an Instagram widget, which is fast and responsive. That means it is a lightweight tool that displays images and videos without affecting the speed of your website. Moreover, the widget adjusts according to the screen type. There is no need to change settings as per different devices. The responsive feed does not hamper the quality of the content and provides a seamless and interactive user experience. 

The tool provides you with analytics that helps you examine and make reports of the performance of your feed. Then, you can make further improvements or strategies based on that report. The past customers have provided great reviews about the tool and have found it effective for their business. 


People avoid visiting dull and flat websites as they fail to create an impression on their minds. Hence, your website must look vibrant and lively to the visitor as it helps make a good impression on their minds. Flocker is one of the most talked-about social media aggregators that allows you to add charm to your website by embedding Instagram content.

The tool is easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface. You don’t require any specialist to handle this tool. Moreover, you don’t even need coding knowledge or experience for this tool.


YotPo is an eCommerce marketing platform that features advanced solutions like visual marketing, customer reviews, and more. It also provides you with Instagram Integration. You can showcase content from your customers to your visitors and win their trust. You can drive huge traffic on your website by providing UGC to your visitors and engaging them with regular posts related to your business.


Embedding Instagram feed on the website is an intelligent strategy to gather more audience for your business. The feed also provides you with social proof to showcase to your visitors and win their trust.

Overall, this strategy leads your business to new heights, as it helps to gather an audience on your website and hence provides you with the opportunity to achieve your targets with ease.

So what are you waiting for?

Use the tools mentioned above, as these are easily available in the market and help your business grow. Moreover, you do not require any coding skill or specialist to operate these tools, hence making it an ideal marketing tool.

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