Four Easy Steps On How To Become A Walmart Affiliate

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Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business, if only you know where to look for goods to sell.

If you have been at it for a while, you know that the best products to sell are those that come from reputable providers and marketplaces like Walmart.

Here, we will discuss how to become a Walmart affiliate so you can add the company’s humongous product list to your affiliate list.

Create an Account

The first order of the day is to go to the affiliate site of Walmart and sign up for an account. Membership does not happen instantly, as you need to wait for 24 hours for the admin to review your application.

In the sign-up page, you need to provide your country, business type, business name or your name, and other important information such as first and last name, email address, and your social security number.

You also need to provide your website information and the amount of traffic you generate per month.

Walmart reserves the right to approve applications. The company also terminates its relationship with its affiliate partners at their discretion.

Read the terms and conditions to ensure you do not violate any of their policies.

Select Your Tools and Products

Once you are approved, you have to choose if you want to use the Chrome plug-in or the wordpress plug-in.

Both of these will make the process easier, as you only need to choose a product from Walmart’s website, and the tools will automatically embed your affiliate links in the specific keywords you choose.

The other way to go is to choose the products manually. You can do this through what Walmart calls Linkshare. It is a platform that was specifically built for the company’s affiliate program.

This is where you will see your commission, your net sales, the products available for affiliate marketing, and the links that you need to use.

Promote Your Walmart Affiliate Links

The second step on how to become a Walmart affiliate is to start marketing. There are many ways to do this, and your personal preferences and strategies will come into play. You can:

  • Do product reviews on your website, and embed the links there.
  • Use social media to create comments and direct potential customers to Walmart’s website
  • Create email marketing campaigns that will drive customers to the Walmart online store to make a purchase.

Whichever you choose, the payout is the same, albeit the effort required will vary from one marketing campaign to another.

Get Paid Monthly

As an affiliate partner, you have the option to set the minimum payout amount coming from Walmart. The payout is made on a monthly basis and is only equivalent to the sum of your net sales.

A net sale refers to the cost of the product after taxes and shipping. From the net sale, Linkshare will calculate the percentages of your commissions automatically. The maximum commission you can earn is 4%.

Here is an example:

If a grill costs $100 in Walmart and shipping is free, your commission is equal to $4 ($100 x 4% = $4). If you can make ten sales of this in a day, then you would average $40 per day, which is equal to $1,200 per month.

If there are shipping and tax costs, say $10, the net sale is $90. The net revenue of $90 is the net sale, and you will get a 4% commission from that, which is $3.6.

Walmart Affiliate Summary

Now that you know how to become a Walmart affiliate, it is important that you take action. Register now, and then wait for 24 hours to get approved.

If you do not have a website yet, it is best that you take the time to read the site’s terms and conditions, as well as choose the products, so you are ready to launch by the time you apply and get approved.

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