How To Use Affiliate Marketing Tools For Success

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One thing you’ll notice about affiliate marketing is that you can’t do everything alone. You do need assistance from other people with marketing or content if you can’t do these on your own.

Or you can rely on affiliate marketing tools to assist you with tasks as well. But what affiliate marketing tools should you use?

While these vary from one industry to the other, there are some universally accepted tools that everyone should use.


Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform that was built to concentrate on providing help for affiliate marketers. There is an incredible number of time-consuming hands-on processes when starting your online business.

Keyword and competition research is essential to gaining a competitive advantage.

Jaaxy is one of the most sophisticated platforms on the web for handling all areas of your keyword, website, niche competition, and market research.


SEMRush is the go-to keyword research tool for a lot of people. Aside from that, it also offers competitor analysis, and it lets you know how to fix SEO errors as well.

You can monitor the keyword rankings every week, and you can run SEO audits to see what’s wrong with the site and what can be improved. And another great benefit is that you can monitor press mentions too.

Ahrefs is another useful tool similar to SEMRush, but Ahrefs is a lot more focused on backlinks.


One of the primary affiliate marketing tools, Grammarly is perfect for establishing excellent content quality. This tool will identify and let you know if there are any grammar problems in your content.

It’s a subscription service, but it doesn’t cost a lot, and it’s definitely worth the money. Hemingway is a useful tool too, this one reviews the content and lets you know its readability.

Duplichecker and Copyscape

They both do the same thing, which is figuring out if your content is copied or acquired from somewhere else.

Legal issues can appear from plagiarism, so you want to avoid that. Use these tools as they are inexpensive and entirely accurate.


Sumo comes with a free suite of marketing tools. They can help you acquire more traffic naturally over time. It makes it easy to install email capture forms for your website.

There’s a paid version too with more features, but for a lot of people, the free version will be amazing anyways. Thrive Leads is an email capture plugin that you may want to use as well.

GetResponse is suitable for sending emails, and while there you may want to check MailChimp too for creating email marketing campaigns.

Genius Link

In case you need link management, Genius Link is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for that. It makes it easy to create short links to domains, and you can also target the traffic based on a variety of factors.


Clickmeter shows the conversion rate for every link. As a result, it allows you to figure out what links perform well. You even get to know how to improve on the lower performance offered by some of your other links.

Everything works great, and it’s easy to adapt and adjust to your own requirements.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

These are some of the many affiliate marketing tools that you can start using today. It’s never easy to run an affiliate business without the right tools, so try to check these out. They will come in handy quite a bit!

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