Blogging Tips For Beginners: Start Your Online Journey

blogging tips for beginners

Whether for business purposes or just to share your personal viewpoints, blogs have become an extremely popular and highly effective means of sharing and distributing ideas and content. 

Getting started, however, can become overwhelming and confusing. 

While most blogging platforms offer simple, step by step set up instructions, maximizing the effectiveness of your blog does require some time and effort. 

The following blogging tips for beginners can help you get started quickly and effectively. These steps will also play an essential part in the success of your blogging activity. 

Get a Self-hosted Blog

While there are free blogging platforms, which are very well known and rank well on the search engines. There is always a risk of having your content monitored and even banned. 

It is not very pleasant to work for weeks or even months on a blog, only to wake up one day and find all your content gone. 

Plus, having a self-hosted blog allows you to use your own personal domain for the blog instead of a sub-domain of the hosting platform. 

This gives your blog a much more professional look, plus makes the URL a lot easier to share. makes it very easy to set up your domain and blog. 

You can consider Bluehost as your hosting provider. It is officially recommended by WordPress itself.

Have a Simple and Elegant Website Design

Another thing you want to consider doing differently is to make sure your blog design is distinctly standing out. If your blog looks and feels like every average blogger’s, you have to make it different. 

A different blog gives your reader a breath of fresh air, a huge plus in blog marketing. With WordPress themes, you can easily customize your own look or get someone to do it for you with a token. 

This will make a difference between your blog and your readers. Make your blog look professional and elegant.

Provide Quality Content

If you are willing to develop your own blog, you should plan to provide good quality content. The majority of the readers would cringe to read through bad-quality content. 

The amount of traffic will depend upon the quality of content that you provide in your blog. 

The ideal target audience would love to read informative content. At the same time, you should provide short and simple information that can be easily understood. 

The blog should be written with the targeted customers in mind. If readers are going through your blog, it is because of the content you have provided.

Updating Your Blog

If you don’t plan to update your content, your readers will start migrating to other blogs. 

Many blogs are available on the internet. You must know that effective blogging will need you to spend the time and effort to produce worthwhile content. 

Try to capture the attention of your target customers by updating your blog every day. It is better to update your blog same time every day. 

This will allow the readers to realize your schedule for updating your blog. Accordingly, they can plan to read your blogs according to your schedule.

Try to Market Your Blog Wherever Possible

You must plan to mention the link of your blog wherever you get the opportunity. Most bloggers would prefer to mention the address of their blog in the signature section of their email. 

At the same time, mentioning your blog address in forums is not a bad idea. 

During forum posting, you can state the link of your blog. It is a great way to mention the blog address on your business cards. 

Try to get started with a blogging community as well. You can let people know about your blog during the conversation. However, be careful not to violate the terms and agreements of the forum. Spammers are not popular.

Add Effective Keywords

You should plan to think about your keywords that are related to the title of your blog. It is a known fact that internet-based search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and many more operate based on keywords. 

If you plan to get better rankings over internet search engines, you should develop the content based on keywords. This will allow you to generate more traffic. 

The link to your blog should be related to effective keywords as well. Maintaining proper keywords in your blog is the basic requirement of search engine optimization.

Maintain Blog Posting Frequency

Typically, the ideal post frequency is when you post at least one post per day. Unfortunately, most of us find it very difficult to maintain that since we have day jobs, and it becomes challenging to fully commit to our blog. 

A good idea to maintain a good posting frequency is to write two to three posts on weekends. Then you can schedule them to be published automatically in the coming week. 

This way, it will take off a lot of your pressure to write a post even when you are tired after a day’s toil. 

You can utilize your weekdays in other productive pursuits such as commenting on other blogs, replying to comments made on your blog, and maybe you can learn more tips you can use when you blog. 

Also, you may strike up inspiration for your next blog article.

Finding topics to write about is also quite time-consuming, so it is encouraged that you maintain a list of topics that you can write about whenever you are in the mood for writing. 

This way, you will save a lot of time and energy on the day that you decide to write more than one blog article.

Your mood is also a big factor when it comes to posting. Sometimes when you are exhausted, you just cannot post an article. However, there are certain days when you are still pumped with energy. 

It is on days like this that you should write more than one post. When you are in a good mood, your mind does not register the energy spent. 

So you should optimize your writing at this time. Use the list of topics that you have thought about and begin to tap away on your keyboard.

Blog About What You’re Passionate About

The worst thing you can probably do is start a blog because you found out that the topic generates high-paying ads. In all likelihood, it’s a topic you have very little knowledge of or experience with. 

Researching such a topic is feasible but time-consuming and takes away time from actual blog writing. 

High-paying topics or keywords will almost certainly have high competition, making it all the much harder for you to get noticed. 

So, trust me, blog about what really interests you, and it’ll go a long way in improving the quality of your blogs as well as keeping you motivated. 

If you decide to start a blog for your business, you need to commit to it. If you do not continuously add content to your blog, you will not see the benefits.

Stay Focused on One Topic

Branching out into multiple topics is okay for a personal journal, but the best blogs tend to keep to one topic or a few closely related ones. 

The reason for this is that most visitors coming to your website will have a particular topic they wish to find out more about, and the more focused your website is on that topic, the higher the chance they’ll end up on your doorstep. 

Search engines like Google and Yahoo work the same way and reward blogs with more content on a particular keyword and higher search results rankings. 

Don’t take this advice as saying you shouldn’t ever write about something random. That’s fine once in a while, but remember not to alienate your readership too much as they can be very picky.


Using some of the above-listed blogging tips to develop fresh ideas for making blogging part of your weekly routine will help you stay on track. 

As blogging becomes more of a routine, you will find it easier to keep it updated. You may even start thinking as you go through your day. This would be a great blog post!

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