How To Find Businesses In Need Of Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

If you are operating a business where you offer SEO services, you should definitely look for clients who need local SEO services. These establishments would love to have their business names appear in search engines—giving them more opportunities to do business within their localities. 

But how do you find these clients? 

Today, I will show you some tips on how to find businesses in need of local SEO services. 

These are:

  • Advertising
  • Targeting local areas via SEO
  • Content marketing

Just to be clear, will not talk about how to do local SEO, but rather how to find people who will pay you for your local SEO services. 

Social Media and Forums

To find SEO clients, you have to join social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is where you will find online entrepreneurs who need local SEO. For example, join a restaurant group. Since restaurants are not primarily online businesses, they need local SEO.

From there, you can:

  • Make posts about your services provided that the admin of the group allows it
  • Answer SEO questions of entrepreneurs
  • Provide guidance how they can make their names appear in search results• Recommend action plans how to boost their SEO

Your goal here is to make your company credible enough. You are not giving away free services, but you are giving tips that work—things that will help them make their businesses visible in search engines. 

Once you have built your credibility and authority, it is not unusual that people will start looking at your profile. From there, they can ask you for your local SEO services and prices, and you can start doing business with them. 

You can also join forums like Reddit and Quora. In here, there are people who need SEO help. What you do is to answer their questions and be an authority in the local SEO community. 

Whether it is Facebook or Quora that you join, try not to be too salesy. People do not like being sold services. Instead, what you have to focus on is adding value. If you can give them free advice that works, they are more likely to buy your services. 

Advertising in Various Platforms

There is no doubt that advertisement is one of the fastest ways to find clients. As an SEO expert, you do know how to make effective advertisements. 

Here are some of the places where you can place your ads:

  • Google blog pages
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Some platforms are not great for advertising. For example, Instagram is not exactly a great platform for SEO services, as it is mainly a platform for visually stimulating niches, like food and health and fitness. Twitter and Pinterest are also not great platforms for SEO services.

When advertising, take into account your ROI and ad spend. The industry average is that you will get 3% engagement in your ads. What this means is that for every 100 people who see your ad, it is likely that only three will click. 

From that three people, you might make a sale. Let us say that out of your total impressions, you get 1% conversion rate. What this means is that only one person is going to buy your service out of 100 people. 

Now, how much profit will you make for this one person? Will the profit pay for your overall advertising costs? 

You have to do the math before you go all out in advertising. Do not advertise if it does not make financial sense. On the other hand, if your goal is merely to get followers or brand awareness, then yes, advertising is a good place to start without expecting any financial return from it.

Targeting Local Areas Through SEO

The other method you can use on how to find businesses in need for local SEO services is SEO itself. You see, a person in Denver may type “SEO services” or “SEO services in Denver.” In this case, you want your service to appear in the search results. 

But how do you do this? 

You can do it through several methods:

  • Advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Forum websites
  • Blogging

In advertising, you use specific keywords for your target location for local SEO services. You may not be located in Denver, but you can make it appear like you are in Denver. Social media marketing works the same way. 

In forum websites, you have to use these keywords in your answer. Many times, if people make a search on Google, the top results are either Reddit or Quora. What this means is that the question and the answer for that topic is keyword rich. 

If you answer enough questions on Quora or Reddit about “SEO services in Denver,” the person who typed that keyword would see your Quora answer—more traffic and more business for you. 

Blogging, on the other hand, works similarly. You want to write helpful posts that will rank high in Google. Somewhere on these posts, you have to insert your keywords. If the user finds your blogs post on the SERPs, you just proved to that user that you service works. 

Why? Because when she typed “SEO services in Denver,” your site appeared, which means that you are correctly doing your SEO, and that you are qualified to deliver local SEO services. 

Content Marketing

The last trick up on my sleeve is content marketing. While this sounds like blogging, it is actually more than that. 

In content marketing, your primary goal is to create content that people appreciate. You can either do this by blogging or with a YouTube channel.

In each post, you need to be able answer a specific question about SEO. And as you know, the people who will look for content like yours are either bloggers or local business owners. 

What you want to do here is to offer valuable information for free, but then you will also offer something much more valuable for free, like an eBook, in exchange for the user’s email address. 

The end goal is to build a massive email list. One you have an email list, you can automatically send your new content to your users. From time to time, you can also send your followers or subscribers your marketing materials, such as your promotions. 

Content marketing covers a wide array of things. You can create content on a blog, on YouTube, and a podcast. It is up t you to choose which platform you want, but the most effective of all these three is YouTube. 


Because in YouTube, you can easily demonstrate your lessons. People also prefer watching than reading. Videos are more engaging than blogs.

If you want, you can do both. You can also outsource your blog to someone else. What you can do is to focus on creating your videos, and then hire an affordable freelance writer to do your blogging. 


As an SEO expert, you should certainly walk the talk. To be able to find clients in need of local SEO services, your website must appear at the top of the search rankings if they search for SEO services. 

It does not really matter if you are located elsewhere, as SEO is 100% online anyway. What matters is that when people search for SEO services, yours must pop at the top of the SERPs.

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