How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Make?

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Such a timeless question: How much do Amazon Affiliates make?

Well, there is no concrete answer to this, because in affiliate marketing, what you earn depends on the effectiveness of your campaign, and your perseverance to make a sale.

A Basic Calculation

The average commission on Amazon is 4% of the net sale. A net sale refers to the cost of the product sold minus other costs such as shipping and handling.

Holistically, you can get between 1% and 10% as commission, and this percentage depends on the product you promote.

In Amazon, fashion items have the highest commission rate at 10%, while games and consoles have the lowest.

For calculation purposes, let us use a $100 jacket with no shipping costs. At a rate of 10%, you will earn $10 for every jacket you sell.

If you sell one jacket each day for 30 days, your total earnings are equivalent to $300. This amount is your gross sale, and it does not take into account your taxes yet.

The question is, how many jackets can you sell in a month?

How much do Amazon affiliates make?
So, how much can you really earn?

The experts in the affiliate marketing industry make ,000 a month. But of course, this is a fluke and not the average performance.

If you happen to be a newbie at affiliate marketing, you will be lucky to earn $5 in your first two months.

But this does not mean that affiliate marketing with Amazon is a sham. It’s just that it is not as easy as some purport it to be.

Like any sales initiative, it requires consistency, talent, and the ability to convince people to buy products that you recommend.

Some experts in the industry will downright tell you that earning from Amazon is a challenge if you do not know what you are doing.

It is possible to earn $7,000 a year in the first year, and some can even hit $147,000 per year in the succeeding years.

How did they do this?

They focus on one niche only, and they build a massive following online. They do not just post their affiliate links in social media forums.

How can you earn more money?

The fundamental mistake that people have is that they think affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not, and it never will be.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to dominate your niche. You need to be an authority in a chosen field, and this authority can take years to build.

How? Build blogs and websites that will help people solve their problems. You cannot just peddle your links online or on social media because people will immediately see through you.

But if you take the time to help, and create meaningful blog posts that can change a person’s life, then you are more likely to earn your audience’s trust.

And when they trust you, you can build a following. All you are required to do now is to recommend a product, and they will buy from you.


Making Sales is a process that requires time and effort. Whenever someone asks, how much do Amazon affiliates make, it is really an indication that the person has no idea how marketing works.

It is always a bad position to think you can make the same profits as others make because there is no such thing as a magical system that will make you money.

Everything really boils down to our efforts and your consistency. Add to that the fact that you must do things the right way, so research and experiments are tantamount to the success of your affiliate marketing business.

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