Four Top Examples Of The Best Fitness Blogs

Best Fitness Blogs

Whether you are a fitness blogger or a fitness enthusiast, there are many great fitness blogs out there that you can get ideas from. You can learn about their strategies and apply these to your own website, or follow their fitness instructions to get you started with your fitness goals.

These are the best fitness blogs that you should follow:

My Fitness Pal

This blog is supported by one of the biggest global brands in the fitness niche. If you go to the website, you would realize that a lot is going on here. You will find recipes, exercises, workout trends, fitness products, and so much more.

The site also has videos, so it helps the readers a lot to follow the exercises. If you need to read materials about nutrition, you can also find it here. My Fitness Pal is so neatly done that the site visitor will not have trouble looking for the information he wants.

The menu on top has clear categories like Nutrition, Weight Loss, Fitness, Inspiration, Videos, and Essentials.

Since the site is run by the Under Armour brand, you can click on the company’s link. If you do, there is going to be a pop-up where you can choose the country, then you can proceed shopping.

Overall, the site provides a complete fitness experience to the site visitor. It has a ton of contents, and the videos are a great help for people who are visual learners.

Tony Gentilcore

Named after the blog owner, this website is focused on motivation and those who want to get fit.

The commitment of the blogger is to deliver fresh content every week, and you can subscribe to Tony’s email list if you want to get informed of the latest addition to the site. The blog is split into three main categories: Blog, Services, and Products.

For the blog, you will find a ton of helpful articles about muscle pains, exercises, strength training, and more. For the services, you will find fitness products like training kits.

There are several core training modules that you can buy. Here, you will also find products that Tony recommends, but they are not necessarily his own products.

It could have been an error on the blogger’s part, but the content of the products and services pages ae the same. Before you buy the products, you can learn more about them, so you know what you are purchasing.

Most of these are video lessons that cover body-building and fitness, but he also sells services about leadership and brand marketing.

Tone It Up

This one is a blog and shop at the same time. On this site, you will get a great welcome from the two ladies who started the blog. Both of them support women empowerment movements, and the site is dedicated to women.

The blog offers nutrition plans. If you click on the Nutrition link from the menu, you will find yourself on the page where you can select your goals, and then see before and after pictures of those who have tried the program.

Once you have chosen your goal, you can provide your email address, and you will receive updates from the site whenever there is new content.

Before you get started, you also need to select if you have a regular diet, or if you are a vegetarian or vegan. This will help the two founders craft a nutrition plan for you to get toned. The nutrition plan also comes with a lifestyle kit. This plan costs around $99, and the kit will be shipped to you.

The site also has a fitness app, which you can download, so you simply have to launch it if you are ready to train. Overall, this is a colossal brand that not only provides content but also a lot of paid products and services.

Love Sweat Fitness

One of the best fitness blogs is Love Sweat Fitness, and this is run by a lady named Katie, and the blog site is full of helpful content such as blog posts, daily workouts, an app, food geode, and many more.

The blog offers free workouts in exchange for your email, and these workouts are sent to you daily.

If you are looking for something more, you can join the different plans offered on the site. This plan can last up to eight weeks or more. But before you get the plan, you need to purchase it for $129.99.

The plan includes the following:

  • Guides to effective exercises
  • Eight weeks of planned workouts to burn fat and tone the body
  • Guides on warm-up and stretching exercises
  • Tips to lose weight
  • Photos to guide you on proper exercise techniques

There are other plans sold on the site, and there are also paid nutrition recipes that cost $49.99. The site is an excellent example because it is designed with simplicity in mind, and it does what a fitness blog needs to do—have a lot of photos of fit and happy people.


If you area blog owner, these best fitness blogs are a great start to be inspired. They are presented in different ways, and the blog operators monetize in different ways, too.

For example, Under Armour does not sell its recipes, but it does encourage the reader to shop from their product selections.

If they have one thing in common, all of these blogs are full of photos of healthy people. This is important to the success of your blog, as people who want to get fit to want to see results.

And if you are offering nutrition and exercise products, you have to be able to show that your techniques work well and produce results. For example, strength and conditioning training, dietary supplements, etc.

If you have the resources to produce your own app, then you can really propel your perceived authority by selling recipe apps like the FitTasteTic recipes App.

The monetization part is entirely up to you. You can follow the pattern of Under Armour, and post all your content for free. But then, you have to put some links to products that you sell, or spread out your affiliate links, so you get a commission.

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