Top 10 Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Some people claim that email marketing is dead. This, of course, is not true. Almost anybody who has a mobile phone has an email account. Otherwise, how can one person even access an app store, right? And if people have an email address, it only means that you can reach out to them and let them know what you have to offer. 

Today, we will talk about the top 10 benefits of email marketing. By the end of this tutorial, you will fully appreciate why email marketing should be baked in your overall marketing plan.

Let us get started!

It is Cost-Effective

It is free to get the email addresses of your subscribers. If you are using an auto-responder tool, you are not going to spend thousands of dollars to maintain your email list. You do not even have to spend money every time you send an email. 

In most cases, auto-responder tool companies only increase your monthly subscription rate if you already have tens of thousands of email addresses.

With the capability to send a marketing advertisement to thousands of people, you are saving a ton of money if you compare your ad spend on social media channels and other platforms. You can send as many emails as you like, and not spend a dime more.

You Can Automate Your Campaigns

With an email marketing campaign, you can fully automate your messages. You can program your auto-responder tool to send emails to your subscribers the moment they join—often called welcome email. 

In addition to this, you can even send emails to subscribers based on their actions. For example, an email recipient who did not even open your email can receive another message after three days, while those who read your email will receive a different message. 

You can even find out if an email recipient clicked on a link from your email body. If he did, you can send him another email—maybe a thank you note. If he didn’t click on a link, you can send a different message. All these can be programmed from the backend. 

You Can Track the Results of Your Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing tools have built-in tracking systems. You will find out how many people opened your email, how many clicked on the links, and also see how many people made a purchase.

If you know these numbers, you can track which of your email campaigns are working, and which ones are not. You can easily find out which of your campaigns need some adjustments, and which ones you can repeat because they are yielding positive results.

Customers Check Their Email Everyday

Anyone who has a mobile device has an email app. If they receive an email, the app is going to show a notification. This is great because people no longer have to check their emails every hour. They know if there is a new message, and you can take advantage of this. 

People check their phones on a daily basis. Every time they unlock their phones, they will certainly use some apps or check their notifications. While many people will use their social media apps, there is no doubt that they also check their email inbox at least once a day.

What this means for you is that your subscribers will see your message, which is better than running an ad. An ad can get buried beneath other posts, but an email will stay in the inbox. 

Your Campaign is Accessible on Any Device

If you send an email, a subscriber can view your message on any device. What this means is that it does not matter if the consumer is on a desktop/laptop or a mobile device—he can see the email that you sent. 

If you launch ads via Instagram or Twitter, a consumer is not likely to see this if he is on a computer where the app is not installed. As you know, social media platforms are terrible to use on desktop or laptop computers. Email, however, works the same no matter what device your subscriber is using. 

Your Campaign is Targeted

If you run ads on social media platforms, the people who may see your ads are people who have no interest in what you have to sell. But if a person subscribes to your email list, then you know that he is interested. 

Your email subscribers are potential buyers. They subscribed to your email list because they are interested in what you have to say. As such, it is easier to convert these subscribers into buyers compared to individuals who have no interest in your product.

You can also create groups in your email marketing tool. You can create what is called segments, and then send specific products to specific segments. This approach makes your message a lot more targeted than just sending massive numbers of emails to all your members.  

An Email Platform is Versatile

If you market your products on social media, you are going to face a lot of limitations. Twitter has a character limit. facebook does not like ads that have so many texts. As such, you are bound by rules which may make your marketing campaign ineffective. 

On email, you can use as much text as you want. You can attach colorful graphics, or embed videos in the body if you want to. You are not limited by any size, message, character limit, and other rules. You can even add freebies if you want. 

An Email Makes You More Credible 

Email is a professional way to communicate with your consumers. An ad is an ad, and it usually fails to communicate who you really are.

You can use email to send a formal letter to your consumers—add your logo, your signature, and your slogan. And since the email is coming from a person, it is much more credible compared to an ad that comes from a faceless corporation.  

Because the email is coming from you, your recipients will find its content a lot more believable. They know you, and they will remember that they have subscribed to your email list. 

You Can Send Personalized Campaigns

Upon registration, the person who joined your email list has to put his first name and last name in the registration fields. With an autoresponder tool, you can use that first name to address your recipient by his name.

You do not have to write the names manually in the salutation. Auto-responder tools are capable of doing this automatically. You just need to select from the codes how you want the recipient to be addressed. 

Apart from this type of personalization, you can exchange mails with consumers who have inquiries. As such, the experience is much more personalized compared to reading FAQs from your website. 


All your efforts will pay off one day. You will reap the benefits of email marketing if you stay consistent in driving traffic and sales to your website. For as long as you do not use the email to spam people, you can see how your traffic and sales would grow over time.

Do not abuse this marketing strategy. Spamming people can lead to some legal troubles, and a lot of people will unsubscribe. Instead, use this marketing strategy to nurture your subscribers. Provide them value, and they will one day become customers.

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