How To Increase SEO Value With Affiliate Marketing

SEO Value

Here is What Google Isn’t Doing

Google isn’t counting how many shares you get on social media. It is not counting the backlinks to your website, or how many times you used H-tags or used keywords. Google hasn’t done this for years. All Google cares about is how users interact with your website.

All Google cares about is who clicks on your links in the search engine results, who visits you, how often, for how long, and why. They gather information from their Google Ads and Google adsense users, Chrome users, and YouTube users. They also collect data on how people use their search engine.

The idea that Google rewards people with the biggest Google Ads budget is not true. The only direct benefit in seo terms is that if your web page was not crawled and indexed by Google before you ran your ad, then it would be after two days of your ad running.

The Truth About The SEO Value Of Popularity

Popularity means better search engine rankings. Google has big-data processors that can analyze how users are interacting with your website. If your website appears popular, Google will rank it up. This is true even if you break some of the most classic rules.

For example, your web page can have poor spelling and grammar, it can have very little on-page SEO, and it can even have a slow loading time, but if people are visiting it frequently, it will climb up the search engine results.

What you need to do is make your website more popular, and affiliate advertising can do that for you. Your goal is to attract people who will come back of their own accord or with prompting. Paying for first-time visitors through Google Ads is fair enough, but if you can get those same people to visit again in the future, then your search engine ranking will start to climb.

A lot of this depends on your success with affiliate advertising.

For example, if you manage to convince people to visit your website and your website is horrible, then it can have a negative effect on your SEO. People may start spreading negative messages by word of mouth. On the other hand, if people are talking negatively about you online, it has to be better than being ignored.

Tapping The Unreachable Well

Depending upon your type of business, the truth is that affiliate marketing may be the only way you ever reach a number of your target audience. Let’s face the fact that you do not have the sort of money to throw away on featured articles on news sites or followed links from authority sites.

You probably cannot afford your own social media department to perpetually churn out social media marketing, and you do not have the influence with niche websites and online communities to draw them over to your website.

With affiliate marketing, your ads may be running on news sites, niche websites, and even in online community forums. The fact is that affiliate marketing may be the best and only way for you to engage with your target audience and getting your target audience to visit your website.

Do not forget the broad dissemination of your ads since they may appear simultaneously on a wide number of sources all around the country, which is something you probably couldn’t do alone without the help of an affiliate network.

Your Target Audience And The People Who Love You

SEO and affiliate marketing should be used to generate traffic from your target audience. Your target audience is people who land on your website, who want to be there, and are more than likely to either return again (with or without prompting) and/or to purchase from you (to convert, subscribe, etc.).

Getting your target audience to your website is the most important SEO factor. People who want to be there and people who love your website, brand, products, services, etc., are going to have the biggest impact online.

They are the ones that will share your content on social media, who will link to your website from their websites, who will write about you in forums, and who will offer your services/products up as solutions in Q&A websites.

Can Affiliate Advertising Harm Your SEO?

The opinion is a little divided. There are those who say that if your Google ads cause people to bounce from your page quickly, then your campaign may be considered spammy. Then there are those that say Google wouldn’t allow you to create a spammy campaign and then rank you down because of it.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. If you are getting Google Ads and Google Analytics reports showing that people are reaching your website through your ads and then are immediately leaving (bouncing), then you should be trying to do something about it.

If you do not try to remedy the situation then any losses, such as a loss of online reputation, are well deserved.

Summing Up—The SEO Value Of A Fanbase

We have covered the fact that popular websites rank the highest on Google, but what if you cannot afford to keep spending money on promotion and affiliate advertising?

The trick is to use your affiliate advertising and your promotional budget to attract and keep your target audience. This is where your SEO value shows its worth.

Get them coming back, get them talking about you, and get them clicking the social media buttons on your website. Think of affiliate advertising as your fire starter. It is then up to you to stoke up the fires and keep them burning.

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