How To Find Affiliates That Sell

How to Find Affiliates That Sell

Nothing boosts sales more than an army of people who have an army of salespeople. In the online world, these sales experts are called affiliates.

The trouble, is you are opening yourself a can of worms if you do not have stringent standards in approving applications of your affiliate partners.

Here, we will discuss how to find affiliates that deliver results.

Too many people want to make money, and because you, as a producer, are giving commissions, it is not surprising that people will make false promises about your product, and you are held accountable for their fraud.

Here are effective methods on how to find affiliates that sell, who also happen to be credible.

Find Reputable Influencers

Influencers are those who have amassed a following on social media. You can find them on youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

These influencers will never dare sell a fake product, much less lie about a product that they are selling, or they lose their credibility.

Influencers typically ask for money upfront in exchange for a shout out about your product. Do not do this because you are not after advertising campaigns.

You want people who will promote your products regularly. And in return, you give them a commission.

Look for Bloggers Who Have a Following

Bloggers and website operators who have a huge number of visitors per month are great affiliates. They have a consistent amount of traffic, and this traffic can convert into sales.

What you must do is to offer a value proposition to these bloggers. In exchange for promoting your service, they will get X% of the net sales.

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to convince them to do this. Just like influencers, they are much more likely to ask for an upfront cost in advertising.

The key to convincing them to promote your product at a commission basis is your capability to show them the bigger picture. Some will ask for $10,000 for a post.

What you must tell them is that they can earn more if they promote your products consistently. Show them a table of how this is possible, and you are more likely to convince them.

Hire an Affiliate Management Group

The last and most effective method on how to find affiliates is to let someone take care of it for you. Companies exist out there that will take care of the nitty-gritty aspect of the affiliate business.

Just simply register and list your product. Set your commission rates, and add your purchase link or landing page, then you are done.

At the backend, the affiliate manager will send a notification blast to its thousands of affiliates worldwide. These affiliates will add your product to their sales list, and all you need to do now is to wait for results.

The challenge with this approach is that you are competing for an affiliate’s attention against other businesspeople like you.

If your offer is too low, the affiliates will ignore you. Just imagine if you are offering a 5% commission on a $10 product.

That’s just $0.50 per sale. No one will exert any effort for that kind of money. Make an offer that they cannot refuse, and you will see the affiliates coming.


Before you look for affiliates, you must have a program where you can track their performance. This software must also have the capability to give your affiliates a unique identifier or link that they can use.

It is easy to find affiliate management tools like this, but they usually come with a suite of other services.

These tools are not free. There is a monthly subscription cost, and this is on top of the commission you have to pay.

The best option is to get an affiliate management company and pay only the commissions. That way, you take away the headache of managing software.

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