How To Create A Facebook Page For Affiliate Marketing

how to create a facebook page for affiliate marketing

A Facebook page is a must for any business. With two billion users worldwide, your potential reach is way beyond what advertising can do for you.

And if you know what you are doing, you can even organically grow your business through Facebook.

But how do you build a Facebook page for an affiliate marketing business?

There are only four steps you need to do to complete this. On each step, you need to plan carefully, so you do not build a Facebook page that has no marketing plan.

The four steps are:

  • Create a business name and logo
  • Plan your content releases
  • Create the Facebook Page
  • Advertise on Facebook

We will be tackling each step on how to create a Facebook page for affiliate marketing and also discuss what each one means.

Create a Business Name and Logo

Before you launch your Facebook page, you should plan what your name is going to be. If possible, this name must match your actual business name or website domain.

Having a uniform name across different channels provides your customers with a sense of security, and it adds credibility to you as an affiliate marketer.

There is no hard and fast rule with names. You can use a business name or your personal name. If you are an influencer and you already have followers, using your name is better than creating a brand.

Along with this step, you need to prepare your logo and your cover page, along with your profile photo.

When doing this, you must follow the exact dimensions that Facebook recommends. You can find this in Facebook’s help center.

If you are not a graphic artist, you need to start working with one and make sure you have several options.

Your color scheme must be uniform across all platforms, as this will provide your consumers with a sense of familiarity every time you post.

A consistent template and color scheme also makes your Facebook page professional.

Plan Your Content Releases

While your graphic artist is working on your logo, profile picture, and cover photo, you must start working on your content releases.

You need to create a calendar of publication, what they are about, and also prepare the materials.

You need to create a schedule and make sure that you stick to this schedule. Being an affiliate marketer means you are a person of influence.

You need to create content that adds value to the audience, not just content where you are advertising products where you earn a commission.

Let us say you are a woodworker, and you plan to earn commissions from marketing power tools. You cannot just post photos and links to these power tools. It is better if your followers see you in action using them.

The most important thing about Facebook when offering product reviews are videos. And as you know, video content takes a long while to create. You need to shoot, re-shoot, and then edit the material before you can launch it.

It is this level of difficulty that makes planning a sensible thing to do. If it takes seven days to create a video, then it makes sense that you create four or five pieces of content before even starting a Facebook page.

That way, you can post a new video while you are still working on a new one.

Create the Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is simple. The first thing you need is a personal Facebook account. Without this, you cannot create a Facebook page.

Start by logging in and then clicking the Create button found at the top right section of your Facebook personal account. And by the way, it is highly encouraged that you do this on a computer, not a mobile device.

Even if you can create a page on a mobile device, it is easier to navigate the system on a computer.

After clicking on the Create button, Facebook will ask you if you are creating a page for a brand or a personality. The choice is yours.

There are affiliate marketers that use a brand name, and there are those that do affiliate marketing using their name.

Most people who use their names as affiliate marketers are those who are in the fashion industry.

They are known as persons, and they use different products like make-up, lipstick, and clothing for their affiliate marketing efforts.

Once you select which type of page you want to build, the next thing is to type the name of the page, and add the street address. You cannot move forward unless you put your street address. A phone number is optional.

After this, your Facebook page is ready. The next thing to do is to upload your profile pic, your cover photo, and your first content.

Build Your Following

Once you learn how to create a Facebook page for affiliate marketing, the next step is to build your following. This step is important. The more followers you have, the more people are likely to see your post.

You can start by inviting your friends and family to like your page. If they do, it will show on their Facebook timeline, and some of their friends may like your page, too.

Reach out to your close friends and ask them to share your posts.

While this is good, it is not the only thing you want to do. Facebook always keeps changing its algorithm, and today, only about 3% of your followers will see your post.

Besides, your content will forever be buried beneath the posts of other brands and your followers’ friends’ posts.

The key to creating a following is by advertising. Keep your ads short and straight to the point, and never forget to tell people what you are offering.

Ideally, you must be solving a problem. People are only likely to click a Facebook ad for two reasons: the ad addresses a need, or the ad appeals to emotion.

If you do not want to advertise, there are two simple ways to create a following on Facebook organically.

Post content that solves a problem – people will find the time to watch a video or read an instructional article if it promises to solve a pain point.

If you are selling kitchenware, then show photos and videos of solving kitchen problems. These photos & videos may have something to do with cooking, cleaning, or cooking food the right way.

Post content that uses innovation – when we talk of innovation, the first thing that we think about is technology. In our case here, we need to provide our audience with a life hack.

This life hack is why hack videos and post contents are too popular. They offer innovative solutions to problems, but no extra cost to the person.

If you create content like this, you will develop credibility, and people who see your posts are likely to follow your page because they want to get notified if you post new content.

After sharing posts like this, then you can pitch for the products that you are selling, and you can expect a much better conversion rate because the people are seeing your pitch trust you now.


While it is technically easy to learn how to create a Facebook page for affiliate marketing, there is a lot of legwork to do.

You must plan your approach, or your Facebook page is going to be just another mishmash of content, with no direction and no value to the audience.

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