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Introduction: What is Motion Invest? 

In this article, I am going to review a new website that I have had some experience with, MotionInvest.com. For simplicity’s sake, you can think of Motion Invest as an alternative to Flippa. It is a service for buying and selling websites. 

Buying and selling websites is big business these days. Think of it as a stock market that you have some control over. Try to buy an undervalued site, and drive up the value yourself, or sell it for a profit. Regardless of your intentions, this article will provide a review of Motion Invest for the services that they offer. 


Before we dive into the pros & cons, it would help to better explain the services offered by Motion Invest. Of course, the services are divided into two main areas – buying and selling. 

On the buying side, Motion Invest offers many options. There are numerous ways that they perform quality control on the websites you can buy.

They only list sites that they have vetted themselves for quality and only websites that are profitable. They also have services that help you grow your new website more effectively, but more on that below. 

On the selling side, Motion Invest prioritizes a fast, easy sale, at a fair price. As a seller, you are often looking to secure a sale that is fair, and a process that isn’t a big headache.

Motion Invest has a team that evaluates your website in a comprehensive manner and offers you a fair price in a prompt manner. 

Of course, you are probably wondering how all of this works in practice, so let’s dive into the pros & cons for my views on Motion Invest as a service:  


Buying and Selling

Overall, my experience with Motion Invest was very positive. Their team is transparent and efficient. The process of buying and selling is easy, and it is encouraging to know that their websites are thoroughly vetted and fairly priced. 

One of the major parts of using a website like this is being sure that you can trust it, and this was not a concern when I used Motion Invest.

Of course, you still need to do your own research and analysis, and no success is guaranteed with any investment, but it is good to know that it is a trustworthy source. 

One of the main benefits of a service like this, much like Flippa, is that a degree of the due diligence has already been done. Motion Invest does a great job at this, and I was impressed with their portfolio of websites. 

Additional Services

Of course, buying a website isn’t the end of your journey. If you plan on managing this website, it might mean that your work has just begun.

However, it can be understandably difficult for buyers of a website to know what to do next. This is what I liked so much about Motion Invest’s coaching and advice services. 

Coaching service

Once you have your new website, the job is far from over. If you intend on growing the website yourself, then it can be quite difficult to know where to start. If it is your first time managing and growing a website, there might seem to be many branching paths you could take. 

This is why I appreciated that Motion Invest also offered a coaching service for website managers. The coaching service is done over the phone, and their team has demonstrated experience in growing online businesses of their own. As a bonus, it is available to buyers at a discounted rate. 

Action Plan

On top of the coaching services mentioned above, Motion Invest also offers a customized action plan that buyers can take advantage of. Motion Invest uses a tested method that is used to grow many different online businesses.

They will provide you with a customized template for your business, and the steps you can take to grow it toward success. 

For me, having a plan is key to success. I find that having an overarching goal, as well as the steps necessary to get there, is crucial in growing any business. Of course, the approach must be tailored to the individual aspects of your business, and that is what Motion Invest offers here. 


I did enjoy this buying and selling service, but no review is complete without also considering the cons. This way, you can make a full and informed decision of whether this is right for you. 

Firstly, while I did enjoy the services offered, there is always the obvious point that you could do this yourself. If you are willing to put in the hours and the due diligence on your own, then you could provide this service to yourself.

Of course, this requires scouring different selling boards, as well as contacting website owners directly. It really depends on what this is worth to you. 

So if this is your full-time passion and you are willing to spend the time searching high and low for undervalued websites, then go for it. But if you want a source that compiles them in one place for you, and takes away an element of that due diligence, then Motion Invest might be for you. 


I really enjoyed Motion Invest. I most enjoyed the simplicity and honesty. When buying and selling websites, I really just want a source that I can trust. I found that with Motion Invest.

Having a portfolio of websites is great, but knowing that they are quality websites is better. It takes away the due diligence and the searching that is so common with website investing. 

I also enjoyed the other services offered to help you grow and expand your site once you have purchased it. So much of what makes a website a good investment is whether you are willing to work to improve it. 

Overall, I think there is more than enough here to recommend Motion Invest. Unless you are set on doing the leg work yourself, I think you will find enough in this service to make it worth your while. 

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