Alexa Rank Optimization: How To Improve Your Website’s Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank Optimization

Generating traffic to your website is a very important process—it is one of the most important factors used to determine your rank. 

And most especially so if you want to rank in Alexa’s list.

Alexa is not just a voice-activated assistant. It has grown into a platform that analyzes the page views and visitor count that a website gets. 

Essentially, Alexa is an analytics tool that allows you to compare yourself with other websites, improve your SEO, find keywords that are easy to rank, and more. 

If you rank in Alexa, you know that your website is popular, and it gives you a sense of how much traffic you are getting and how your consumers engage. 

But how do you rank in Alexa?

Here are some tips: 

Let us go through each one and help you out in ranking your website. 

Website Optimization

To climb up Alexa Rank, there is one thing that you have to prioritize—traffic. Alexa Rank relies largely on your website’s traffic data.

To do this, you should start with what you already have, which is your website.

Update Website Regularly

For this reason, updating your website regularly with new features and content can be beneficial. This may require a lot of work, but this is a must to prevent traffic loss.

You can add new tabs and pages with new information. More importantly, you need to publish new content. While there is no consensus as to the number of new posts you can publish, once a week is minimum.  

You can also modify how the site looks by changing its color scheme, font, and the likes. Updates, however, should also be done in moderation. The most recommended is every 3 to 4 years. This is to give the customers time to familiarize themselves with the modifications—and search engines, too. 

Improve Loading Speed

It is also important to enhance your site’s performance by providing a 2-second loading speed or below. If your website loads slowly, your visitors are going to leave. 

Create Engaging Content

What your website contains also plays a significant role in attracting your market’s attention. Your content must be helpful, straight to the point, has facts, and has lots of visuals. 

Provide Related Content

Creating any content definitely won’t help your website. You have to provide something that is related to your niche and your target market. Niche-focused websites help site visitors stay on the site—and the longer they stay there, the more engaged they will be. 

Search Engine Optimization

Your content, whether it be a blog or a product, will be hardly seen without the use of ranking keywords. 

According to a statistical study, 75% of people don’t navigate past the first page in Google Search results. For this reason, you should incorporate relevant words in between your article to rank up.

To do this, you can apply two from the many types of keywords, the short tail, and the long tail. Short tail keywords are more specific. For example, “Alexa Rank”. As you can see, it is a short term covering broad topics underhand.

Long tails, on the other hand, are more particularized. Pertaining to the example stated above, instead of “Alexa Rank”, you will enter “How to Optimize Alexa Rank”.

You can also use linking strategies like Internal and External Linking to guide visitors’ navigation. This method will also increase your credibility and will help you rank higher in searches.

Publish Regularly

Publishing new content every now and then increases the chance of generating more traffic. If you are just starting out, you can opt to publish new content 2 to 4 times a week. Once you have hit 100 posts, you can publish once a week, and then optimize your other pages.

Maximize Social Media Use

Paying for advertisements is not the only way to reach your target market. There are a lot of free social media platforms where you can market your website.


Facebook is the most used social networking site with a whopping 2.3 billion users. You can either make a page for your website or you can use your account, or lastly, you can do both.

If you choose to make a page, you are representing your website itself. You will need likes from people, and you have to ask them to follow your page. If they do, they will see your future posts and click your link if they are interested—thus, generating traffic. 


The second social media platform on our list is Instagram. Using this is almost the same as using Facebook. The main advantage of this is it is perfect for marketing posts that are media-focused. Instagram works best for photos and websites in the niches of health, beauty, and cooking.


The good thing about YouTube is that it is a search engine. However, using this as a marketing platform may take a little more effort compared to the previous ones.

In here, you need to make videos about your niche. You will be responsible for filming and editing. You have to provide helpful or entertaining content on YouTube, then ask your viewers to go to your blog or website. 

Analyze Your Competitors

Being a part of an industry with a high competition level is not all bad. You can use it to your advantage analyzing their data and using it to make comparisons with your business. 

You can do this manually through research or use paid services like Pexgle and iSpionage. Being able to monitor your competitors gives you the following benefits:

This method will allow you to observe which strategies used by others are effective, and which are not. This saves you the time and money from actually testing them out yourself.

By analyzing your competitors, you will know where they get their traffic. If you use search engine optimization tools, you can even see where their backlinks are coming from. 

Note that the competitors that you have to analyze must have the same niche as yours. This should give you a clear picture of traffic share in your market.

What Rank Is Considered Good?

There is no specific rank as to measure if you are in a good state or not. What you need to check are your competitors’ standings. As long as you rank higher than them, you are one step ahead.

Despite this, however, some consider ranks 1,000,000 and lower numbers are the ideal spot to become totally visible to your target market.


Alexa Rank is important because it is a measurement of popularity. If you rank high in Alexa, you can safely say that you are amongst the elites. 

Alexa is not free. You can get your free trial from the site, but you will have to eventually pay for the tool. It costs $197 per month for one site, and $299 for 35 sites and 35 projects. 

While Alexa itself is not a source of traffic, it is a powerful analytical tool that shows you where you stand. And if you know where you stand, you can take appropriate actions to improve your traffic. 

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