Write A Killer Product Review Without Your Site Looking Rubbishy

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We all know that product reviews can sound so cheesy. Many times, product reviews are easy to spot as attempts to convince a customer to buy. As a result, the readers shy away and see right through your motives.

So how do you avoid this if you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer? The simple solution is you must know how to write a killer product review.

Here, we will show you the steps to create a product review that will make your readers not think twice about your ulterior motives to sell, let alone your credibility.

Write a Great Meta Description

The meta description is the part in Google search that shows a summary of the content.

Usually, Google or search engines take the first paragraph of your blog entry, but you can create a different meta description because many blog sites do not offer this.

The meta description is what people read to decide if they will click your link or not. You have to write it in such a way that it addresses what a customer is looking for.

The meta description must contain actionable items. Preferably, the first word must be a verb like “Learn” or “find out.”

The meta description must tell the reader what will happen if he clicks that link, what the benefits are, and why he should read your review.

Since you only have up to 155 characters to show the full content of the meta description, you need to be selective in the words you use.

Here is an example of a lousy meta description:

Have you ever used Brand XYZ in your life? Do you think it is worth the money? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of this product?

And here is an example of a good meta description:

Learn the pros and cons of Brand XYZ Skateboard. Find out if your money is worth it, and how it compares to other products!

Let Readers Know You Know How They Feel

One thing that will set your product review apart is empathy. If you can write in such a way that you can tell readers how you understand their situation, then you just got them hooked.

You have to use statements that touch their emotion. Avoid bland comments like “I know how you feel.” While these statements are empathic, you need to create a background story for it. You have to use concrete examples.

Empathy allows you to reach out to people. It makes them feel that you care and that you know what you are talking about because you have been there.

Empathy is not only about feeling sorry for someone. You can use an approach where you can write about happy events, like birthdays, and the joys that come with these situations. From this, you need to build an emotional response.

Here is an example of writing with empathy:

Many years ago, I celebrated my anniversary with my fiancé in [insert scenic location here]. Little did I realize that had I been equipped with the right phone or camera, I would have captured those joyous moments and saved the photos and videos for us to watch over and over again.

Instead, I got grainy and pixelated photos and videos that have bad focus and sound. It was that incident that drove me to my quest to find a cheap camera that I can take with me everywhere…

See what was done there? The entire empathic statements were based on an experience that people can relate to. It talks about romance and the fact that not all cameras are good enough, and that memories can be lost.

Create a Need for the Customer

As you write with empathy, you also create a need for your customer. You need to be very subtle in writing this.

You cannot just write that your product is suitable for birthdays, weddings, etc. That sounds like an advertisement, not a product review.

When creating a need, you need to focus on the problems. If you are selling a camera, you have to mention that not all of them have automatic focus, that some produce low-pixel photos.

These problems must be tangible; they must be easily understood.

Create a Solution

Now that you have created a need, you need to propose a solution. Obviously, the answer is the product that you are endorsing or selling.

To write a killer product review, you must split the benefits or the features of the product you are selling. In each feature, you have to itemize the problems that the feature is solving.

Do not just write that the camera has 300 megapixels. You have to explain what it does. For example, you can say that this kind of camera can produce pictures that you can blow up and print into a giant billboard.

If you are saying the product is affordable, how so? Do you have a price point comparison for a similar product? If not, you must do the trick where you show another product with fewer specs, and yet it is selling for a higher price.

With a table comparison, you can easily show that the product you are selling has more power and yet it costs less.

Create a Call to Action

A call to action is a statement where you implore the reader to do something. It can be as subtle as asking them to click on a link to read more about what you are selling, or as blatant as asking them to buy the product now.

Here are some tips for writing your CTA:

  • When writing your call to action, you must also use a verb. For example, use words like buy, request, review, order, etc.
  • Make it clear and easy to understand. A call to action must be short. Do not dilly-dally when asking your customers to make a purchase. Do not use statements like “I hope…” or “We think that…” Tell the reader to take action right way like “Click here now to learn more!” or “Buy now and do not be left out!”
  • There must be a benefit. Your call to action must create a sense of urgency or a benefit. This is the best to say that if a purchase is made now, the customer can get a discount. You can also say that the stocks are limited.

When writing your call to action, it is important, again, that you do not sound like a cheesy marketer. The call to action may seem like you are not that interested in whether the reader buys it or not.

Instead, you can make it sound like you are just providing objective information, and then just post a photo of the product where your affiliate link is embedded.


Product reviews do not have to look like a lie. People have become smarter nowadays. Of course, you can never write a killer product review if you have not used it yourself.

Since it can be too expensive to do this, you must request the details from the seller so you have first-hand information about what the product can do.

Do not rely on another product review of the same kind. Remember, you want to stand out from among these, not be like one of these.

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