What Has Replaced Blogging And Are They Worth A Try?

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Technology is disruptive. There was a time when blogging was the major platform for building credibility. But now, social media seems to be claiming its place, among other things.

Today, let us find out together what has replaced blogging, and whether it makes sense to discard it today completely.


facebook is a powerful tool that was built for finding friends and building s relationship.

Eventually, it has become a business tool where people can amass a following by putting up consistent and regular snippets of information.

Today, no business will ever dare not to have a Facebook account. It is the easiest way to get your name out there.

People have the means to share your content, and there is much more credibility in this approach because if a friend recommended your product, it could reach a hundred people, and this does not cost you anything in advertising.

Honestly, Facebook is what has replaced blogging today. However, one should note that you cannot put long content on Facebook.

Pretty much, you can only capitalize on short content, mostly inspirational in nature, and not content that seeks to educate an audience.


Some would argue that Instagram is what has replaced blogging. The primary reason for this contention is that it is much easier to gain a following in this platform than blogging.

Blogging requires hard work, and pretty much you have to post long content with pictures and videos.

Typically, the only people you can reach with blogging are people who have a genuine interest in the content that you are offering. But with Instagram, you are leveraging the power of pictures.

We all know that a picture means a thousand words, and Instagram is a platform where you can position yourself, or your products, as an authority.

If you are in the body-building niche, it is a lot better to promote yourself with pictures of yourself in your best physical condition than writing about it.

But then, Instagram also has limitations. It does not allow you to post links to where people can buy your products.

Instead, you need to advertise so you can create a clickable post where you can take the audience to your landing page.

Instagram is also not the best place to promote yourself if your niche is academic in nature, such as selling ng courses.

These are niches that pictures cannot adequately represent. And the audience is rather comfortable reading than browsing through photos.


Videos have a power that written words cannot provide. Reading requires a lot of effort to understand, while videos make it seamless to make your point come across.

youtube is a platform that is best used by people who aim to demonstrate how something is done. People are visual learners, and it is much easier to follow instructions while the action is happening.

Viewers can pause the video and follow the instructions at their pace, instead of reading and working on it at the same time.


So what has replaced blogging? The correct answer is that nothing can really compare to written materials.

Apart from providing content, a blog entry serves better purposes in terms of seo. You can use powerful SEO tools to write content that the search engines will love.

Also, it is much easier to edit the content of a blog than a video or picture. Video or photo editing takes a lot of effort, while editing text only takes a few minutes with any word processor.

Besides, a blog gives you much more control because it is your website, unlike social media channels where you are limited to their functionalities.

To succeed, you must blog and use social media sites as support systems to reach people.

But never underestimate the power of having your own blog, for it is a powerful method of producing content that is never going away anytime soon.

John Kilmerstone

I'm an Aussie living in Japan who enjoys traveling, photography, and blogging. Please visit this website and explore the wonderful world of blogging. Discover how to turn your passions and pastimes into an online business.

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