What Equipment Do You Need To Succeed With Video Marketing?

Video Marketing

Video marketing encompasses several things. You can do YouTube videos, or you can create videos that you publish as ads. 

But what equipment do you need? Do you need a $5,000 rig to do this? 

Today, I will share with you the top five equipment you need to be able to produce a high-quality video. These are: • Camera• Tripod• Lighting kit• Backdrop• Label microphone

By the end of this tutorial, what I would like you to do is to start researching for options. List them down and then make a comparison chart, and then make the purchase.


Of course, you need a camera to get record your videos. A good phone is a great place to start. After all, you may need a phone to take shots of yourself not just at home but in other areas, too. 

The good thing about a phone is you can set it up on a tripod, and you can also use a selfie stick. It is much more versatile than a camera.

For a camera, however, you have to invest in one that can shoot in 4K. A camera that can record this clear will give you better video quality. And if your videos look great, you can expect people to think that your channel is professionally done.

You do not need to shell out $2,000 for a good camera. There are many brands that you can buy for less than $1,000. 

Some examples are:

  • Nikon D3500
  • GoPro Hero 7 White
  • Sony A6000
  • Olympus E-PL9
  • Canon EOS Rebel SL3

These cameras have a starting price of $400. While they are not the best, they will do the job. And since these are known brands, you should not have any trouble looking for information online how to get the best out of them. 


The next thing you need is a tripod. You need one so you can set up your camera. Know that a camera tripod is different from a phone tripod-they do not have the same attachment rigs. 

Here are some tips in selecting a tripod:

  • Weight Rating – this is a rating that indicates how much weight it can support.
  • Tripod Height – the higher the better. Tripods come in many heights; get one that fits your purpose.
  • Tripod Weight and Construction – the weight does not matter so much if you are only going to shot indoors. For the material, choose one that is made of either carbon fiber or aluminum. 

Why do you need a tripod? 

A tripod stabilizes your camera. If you depend on a friend or family member to shoot the video while you are “acting,” that camera will move. As it bobs up and down, the quality of experience of your viewers will also severely impacted.  

There are also many times in your video marketing career that you will shoot videos on your own. In this case, the only thing to do is to position your camera on the tripod, set it up for the best angle, and then start shooting. 

Do not buy cheap tripods. These are weak. The last thing you want is a broken camera because of a tripod that cannot support its weight. If possible, but the tripod with the camera. Many sellers sell bundles of cameras and tripods, so take advantage of that. 

Lighting Kit

Light is crucial in making videos. Just because you have bulbs and fluorescent lamps does not mean you have a good set-up. You need a lighting rig to make your videos bright. 

Proper lighting ads to the mood of your video. If you are a blogger or a course creator, the professional way to do your videos is to make it bright, not gloomy. 

What you want to set-up is a three-point lighting system. Here, you have light coming from your back, side, and front. All the lights are pointing at you, but as they cross paths, they will also illuminate your background. 

You can buy a 3-point light kit online. Many of these also come with color temperature, which allows you to adjust the light emission from the bulbs. You can make them brighter or you can reduce the light level as you wish. 

As always, the best source of light is natural light. Take your videos by the window, and take advantage of the light from the sun. If this is not possible because you can only shoot at night, then you definitely need a lighting rig.


This is not as necessary as the rest, and it is completely optional. Many YouTubers do not use it—they shoot videos by the beachor in their rooms. 

A backdrop becomes necessary if you want videos where you will use a template background. In this case, you cannot use your office as a background. Instead, you need a green screen.

With a green screen, you can add any kind of background on your videos. This makes sense if your video is one where your face is at the bottom right, and you are explaining things about something, like a movie trailer. 

Green backdrops or green screens are not expensive. The price range is between $20 and $100. Take note that this may only be the screen, and it does not include the stand. 

Before you buy this, make sure you also know how to edit the video and use the background. You may want to look at a tool called Camtasia—a video editing software that has a complete set of tools to edit your video. 

Lapel microphone

A lapel microphone is one that you attach to your shirt on your chest. It is important to have this because it gives your video a better audio. The problem with desk microphones is that they do not capture your words as clearly as they should.

Lapel microphones because of the following reasons:

They do not capture a lot of background noise

Your audio makes it sound like you are beside the viewer

Here are some tips how to buy a lapel microphone:

  • Only buy from known brands – it is better to spend than to buy cheap useless microphones
  • Use wired, not wireless – wireless mics transmit and record audio faster than wireless ones. The exception is if you are going to record your video outside. You need a mic with a bodypack transmitter to make this happen
  • Check the jack – not all lapel mics have standard jacks. The standard is 3.5mm. Check your laptop or camera if this is the jack that you need. 

While you can record videos without a lapel mic, you cannot expect the best quality from the recording. If the audio is bad, your viewers are going to leave. A lapel mic is a basic expectation for videos as much as a camera is. 


You do not have to buy the most expensive rig to get started. In fact, many YouTubers started their channels with only their PC and phone. If you have the budget, you can buy medium-class gadgets to get you started. 

The best thing you can do for now is to look for products that you need. Then, research for reviews about middle or high-quality product. Look for their prices in Amazon, and then buy the ones that will deliver what you need for content.

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