Three Reasons Why Blogging Is Important

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Despite some people claiming that blogging has now been replaced with social media and video, there is no denying that there are more people out there who prefer to read than to watch.

Do you know why? Because writing is always equated to being smart.

Blogging is not going to die, and you must realize that written content has been around for as long as humans existed, and it is never going away.

Here, we will help you understand why blogging is important, and why this should be your primary method for building your online business.

You are Adding Value to Your Visitor

People search for things because they are craving to learn. More importantly, they are looking for facts and opinions that they can read again.

Blogging is a medium that can help you do this. Once the visitor is done, you would have given him something to ponder about.

You challenge a person’s thoughts if he reads, and people who read do not share the fickleness of others.

Typically, people will ignore a video if they do not like the first five seconds of it. With written words, this is not likely to happen.

Instagram and facebook or Pinterest can only help you maximize your business because they are platforms for sharing. While video can also be “re-winded,” it is, and people cannot skip to the part that they want.

With written words, you have headers and sub-headers that are arranged carefully so readers can jump to a particular section.

You are Making Yourself Visible

A further reason why blogging is important is that search engines love keywords and relevance. Although videos and social media posts can do this, you can only sprinkle keywords in the post titles.

With a blog, you can create a strategy to put the keywords in the right places, and search engines will index your blog entries to where they belong.

With an appropriate SEO technique, you can dominate the top page of Google if you write your blogs using SEO principles.

The internet is huge, and despite putting out valuable content out there, people may not find your business if you do not use search engine optimization.

Blogging is the only effective way to tell search engines that you are here.

And once you establish your visibility to these search engines, you will also develop your online presence to people.

You are Positioning Yourself as an Authority

While videos and social media can help in becoming an influencer, it does not necessarily mean that these are useful methods to position yourself as an authority.

An influencer is nothing more than someone who has fans. Surely, they have something that people like about them, and this is why they are followed.

But being an authority website is a different thing. What it entails is knowledge. It also means credibility.

These are two things that you can build with blogging since written words are always correlated with intelligence.

Sure, it requires hard work to create a video but requires an academic background to write.

And this is where the difference is. Videos are seen as tools for people who merely want to be popular, but written words project an aura that you want to teach.

Summary of Why Blogging is Important

Now that you understand why blogging is important, blogging should be your primary method to establish your online presence. You cannot forsake this just because some experts make claims that blogging is dead.

Blogging never died, and it never will. Humans have been reading for as long as we can remember, and reading is certainly still the most effective method to educate people.

This is why you still use books in school, and not videos, to educate children.

Your blog is going to be a bookmarked reference for your readers. Blogging will make them come back for more intelligent information, provided that you do it right.

John Kilmerstone

I'm an Aussie living in Japan who enjoys traveling, photography, and blogging. Please visit this website and explore the wonderful world of blogging. Discover how to turn your passions and pastimes into an online business.

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