The Five Best AdSense Niches To Make Money

Best Adsense Niches

AdSense is the advertising platform for Google. You can earn a commission by placing Google ads on your website. If people click the ad, you earn a commission.

But what product and service industries should you advertise and how much will you make?

What are the best AdSense niches that will make you more money?

It depends. adsense is not a way to earn a lot of money quickly. Since you get paid by impressions and clicks, your earnings will depend on your traffic performance.

And this is why you need to choose the best niches to advertise on your site. Make use of the most popular Google ads niches so people will be more likely to click on the random ads being shown on your website.

The top AdSense niches are:

  1. Insurance
  2. Mortgage
  3. Attorney
  4. Loans
  5. Donations

All of these are high-paying because of their respective industries. For example, insurance companies are willing to pay more to advertise, and therefore, Google will pay more per impression or click.

Below are the explanations as to why each niche is worth exploring.


In this industry, the advertiser will pay up to $58 per click. Insurance companies have heavy competition because they need people’s money. They need the money to invest and use as a payment to those who have made claims.

Insurance companies earn on the interest of the money they gathered, not through lending the funds but by investing the money on vehicles like stocks and bonds. The money they generate is used for the claims, but more often than not, they earn more money than the claims they disbursed.


One of the best AdSense niches is mortgage companies. These companies offer lending services to people wanting to buy a house, or those who want to repair a house.

Mortgage companies also loan money to people to pay someone’s existing debt. They earn a lot of money on interests, and this is why they can pay up to $47 per click to Google.

There are many mortgage companies out there, and their target markets are different. Some do not serve the underbanked, and some will only lend to refinance.

Whatever it is, these companies can afford to pay high ad rates, and you can take advantage of it if you choose to place them on your website.


The industry average of what lawyers pay is $47 per click. Many lawyers charge by the hour, and they do not charge a mere $10 per hour. Many will charge at least $100 per hour.

Lawyers make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and law firms make more money than this.

This reason is why they can afford to bid on ads at a high price rate. They need to find clients in their areas. This niche is a good choice if your website is local.

Your site visitors are more likely to click an advertisement from a lawyer or law firm if the law office is in the same city or county.

It also helps if your actual website is about the attorney’s niche. It does not make sense running a fashion blog and then advertise the services of attorneys.

What’s better is to have a website about relationships and divorce, and then promote attorneys that offer divorce.


Loan companies are those that are not limited to offering mortgages. There are lending companies that provide loans for education, car purchase, personal reasons, and so much more.

The interest rates of these companies are pretty high, especially those that offer payday loans.

As such, they can bid for advertising placements to an average of $44 per click. This niche is good since money is a universal thing.

You can be running a fashion blog and advertise loan companies, and your site visitors may be interested in borrowing money after reading your blog posts about expensive designer clothing.


The last one from our list of the best AdSense niches is a charity organization.

Countless charity organizations are advancing different causes. You can choose from a myriad of them like cancer charities, educational foundations, orphanages, and so much more.

These organizations are not for profit, and they rely on the donations of other people to run their day-to-day operations.

They also use donation money to run campaigns and advertisements on Google. Charities can pay to an average of $42 per click.

Charitable organizations are also more likely to get clicked because they appeal to human emotions.

How Does AdSense Work?

The amount of money you earn depends on a page’s RPM. RPM stands for page revenue per thousand impressions.

Google uses a formula where your estimated earnings are divided by page views and then is multiplied to 1,000.

If your estimated earnings is $0.25 for 0.008333333page views that are unique, your RPM is $0.25/ 30 = 0.008333333 X 1,000 = $8.33.

The RPM depends on the niche. The known average RPM is $5. If you have 10,000 visitors, this is equal to $50 in earnings. The math is 10,000 visitors / 1,000 = 10 X $5.

The high-paying niches can earn you up to $10, but some niches, which we included here, can earn you $50 or more on RPM.

If you need to determine how much traffic you need per day to earn at least $100, there are several factors you have to consider. These are the RPM, click-through-rate of CTR, and the number of traffic you need.

CTR is a percentage value that roughly tells you how many people will click on the advertisement for every 100 people.

If only five people will click the advertisement for every 100 people who saw it, your CTR is 5%.

If you are paid $1 per click, then you need 100 clicks per day. If your CTR is 5%, you need 2,000 visitors. Out of these 2,000 visitors, 100 will click the ad, and so you will get paid 0.


Earning money from AdSense is challenging, but you do not have to limit yourself to only one website.

What you can do is to put up several websites on several niches, and then choose the appropriate ads to show from your Google AdSense account.

If you follow this strategy, you will find it easier to achieve 2,000 visitors per day rather than focusing on only one website.

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