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One Hour Professor

Ron Stefanski is the owner-operator of the website which aims to teach people how to create and grow online businesses.

Ron also has a growing YouTube channel where he documents his journey from nothing to earning a 5 figure monthly income.

Ron is still a part-time college professor even though he now makes a very good living from his website income streams.

When I first watched the One Hour Professor YouTube channel I was immediately struck by Ron’s honesty and his relaxed nonchalant manner. He is a likable character who exudes a sense of approachability.

On his website, there is a free mini-course offered on his website in exchange for signing up for his email list, which will be delivered over the course of one week.

There will be the CTA to join his more in-depth course during the email campaign “How to Start an Authority Website”.

The cost of this FULL course is US$147.

Let’s take a look at what you get for that financial outlay:

The OneHourProfessor “Authority Website” Course Outline

Here are the 10 sections of the course:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Keyword Research Done Right
  • Competitive Research
  • Choosing a Website Domain Name
  • Purchasing a Website domain Name
  • Making Your Website Look Good
  • Creating Great Content For Your Website
  • How to Get Your Content Seen
  • Next Steps

Benefits From This Course

This course uses easy to watch videos incorporating animation with subtitles to help you visualize the narration by Ron explaining each step of how to create an Authority Website.

There are also PDF’s provided as references and summaries of key points of the course.

I believe that the visual cues help you to retain the information and better understand what Ron is conveying in his explanations, along with prolonging your attention span.

Being able to understand and then take action are vital for you to start your online business. However, the longevity of your online endeavors will be determined by your commitment to sticking to a publishing schedule and using the best practices for seo.

Here is a summary of the course with each section is broken into several parts:


  • Welcome to the Course!
  • What is an Authority Website?

Getting Started

Keyword Research Done Right

  • Resources For Keyword Research
  • Most People Do Keyword Research Incorrectly
  • Free (And Time-Consuming) Keyword Research Method
  • Paid (And Efficient) Keyword Research Method

Competitive Research

  • Resources For Competitive Research
  • Why You Need to Spy on Your Competitors
  • Review Your Competitor Websites
  • Intro to SEM Rush
  • Competitive Research Cheat Sheets

Choosing a Website Domain Name

  • Resources For Website Domains
  • The Two Types of Website Domain Names
  • 5 Best Practices When Choosing a Domain Name
  • 5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name
  • Why Did I Choose My Website URL?

Purchasing a Website Domain Name

  • Resources For Website Hosting
  • What You Need to Know About Website Hosting
  • Why You Should Purchase Hosting and Not Use Free Hosting
  • How to Purchase Your Domain Name and Hosting

Making Your Website Look Good

  • Resources For Making Your Website Look Good
  • Making Your Website Isn’t a Difficult Task
  • Thrive Themes Tutorial
  • How to Install Thrive Themes and Plugins
  • My Favorite Theme Plugin

Creating Great Content For Your Website

  • The Value of Great Content
  • Databases – Content Idea #1
  • Videos – Content Idea #2
  • Guides – Content Idea #3
  • product and Book Reviews – Content Idea #4
  • Personal Posts – Content Idea #5
  • How-to Posts – Content Idea #6
  • Lists – Content Idea #7
  • Case Studies – Content Idea #8
  • E-Books – Content Idea #9
  • Interviews – Content Idea #10
  • Answering Questions – Content Idea #11
  • infographics – Content Idea #12
  • How Often Should You Publish Content
  • Repurposing Your Content
  • Consistency is Key
  • TEMPLATE: How to Structure Your blog Content
  • Creating Great Content Cheat Sheets

How to Get Your Content Seen

  • Resources For Content Promotion
  • PROOF LECTURE: Sharing is Key
  • Why Promotion is More Important Than Creation
  • Social Media – Promotion Strategy #1
  • SEO – Promotion Strategy #2
  • Networking – Promotion Strategy #3
  • Paid Advertising – Promotion Strategy #4
  • Use an Email List – Promotion Strategy #5
  • Send an Outreach Email – Promotion Strategy #6
  • Guest Blogging – Promotion Strategy #7

Next Steps

  • Resources For Next Steps
  • Let the Data Tell You the Next Move
  • Outsourcing Tasks

Who Should Do This Course?

I believe that this is a great course for the beginner to the online business game. It gives you a rundown of the basics of creating a money-making website.

If you can follow what is outlined and don’t get overwhelmed or distracted from all the noise on the internet, then you should have a good chance of succeeding.

The structure of the course is well set out and the videos are not too long so it’s easy to follow. If you can set a few hours aside each day, then you’ll easily complete the course in a matter of weeks.

That said, especially for the novice internet marketer, you’ll benefit from revisiting the videos and PDF’s to lock in that newfound knowledge.

Make sure that you take action with that knowledge though. It means nothing if you don’t actually use it in a practical sense by starting up your own online authority website.

For the veteran internet marketer though, you will likely find that you already have a good handle on how to set up hosting & a website, do keyword research, create content, promote your content & website, along with the best ways to monetize through AdSense, affiliate marketing or by way of your own products/services.

If you are someone with experience that already has a website, then you might want to wait for a more advanced course.


I know that Ron has plans to update and expand his course in the near future, so it might be prudent to keep a lookout for what he has to come.

His course also comes with a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Ron is a decent straight-shooting guy so you can be sure that he’ll stand by his word.

This Authority Website Course membership also allows you to join the Facebook Community where you can mingle with other members of the course and ask and answer questions. Ron is quite active here and is always ready and willing to extend a helping hand.

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