How To Put A Text Box Over A Picture In Word?

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Do you aim to make your article visually appealing? Want to showcase the logo of your company as a background of a text on a word document? Are you trying to achieve the security of your article by inserting a watermark

Well, to make your blog more memorable and confidential, in this tutorial, we have shared how you can put a text box over a picture in Word. Let’s have a look at the different methods. 

Choosing the Wrap Text Option 

One of the simplest methods to insert text on the image in Word is changing the image “wrap text” to the “behind text.” 

Firstly, you have to insert any illustrations such as pictures, online images, icons, SmartArt, Chart, and Screenshot to allow text to appear on the top. 3D models and Shapes are the exceptions. 

Once you have inserted the picture, double click it to open the Format tab under the picture tools. 

Press the “wrap text” option from the upper pane of the Word. A small drop down list of layout options will appear; select the “Behind Text” button from it. After enabling this option, the image will be treated as the background, and the text will appear over the picture. 

Insert a Word Text Box

Probably you can’t type a text on the image in Word directly, so another handy method to make the text appear on the picture is a text box. If you don’t want to use regular text paragraphs, then this technique is the best choice. 

Go ahead and insert the picture from the illustrations. Hit the image and click on the “text box” option within the “insert” tab. Choose the “Simple Text Box” option from the drop-down menu. 

After inserting the text box, type the text within it, and Drag the box over your image. Click on the text box, the “Format” tab will appear. There you will see the option “Shape Fill” and “Shape Outline.” When you click “Shape Fill,” a drop-down menu will appear; here, Select “No Fill.” 

Then press the “Shape Outline” and choose the “No Line” option from the drop-down menu. 

That’s all! This method’s benefit is that you can rotate and resize the text box using the same settings.

Use a WordArt 

To access the WordArt, go to the “Text” bar in the Word file. Choose the style of your choice and type the text. Similar to the text box, enter the Word or paragraph and format the text size, font, and orientation. 

Select the picture and use the “WordArt Styles” option to choose different styles and effects to the text like glow, shadow, 3D rotation, reflection, and bevels. Furthermore, this option also allows you to outline the colors for the text or fill the colors within the text. 

How to Make the Text Float?

To choose the text box as an object, you have to double click the particular text’s border. By doing this, “Format” commands will be shown to be applied to a graphic object. Also, you will see a drawing box at the right of the Ribbon.

To have a drop-down menu on your screen, hit the “Position” button on the Arrange Panel. Further, to open the options box, select “Mayor Layout Option.” 

Click on the “Text Wrapping” in the same window and choose the option written as “In front of text.” Then click the “OK” button to get back to your document. The text will now be seen on top of the image in that file. Click on the text border and drag it to wherever you want that text to fit in your word file.

To open “Drawing Tools”, double tap on the text border. Choose “Shape Effects” from the “Shape Styles”. Then open shadows _ select any outer shadow to give your text a floating illusion. Use the same shadow option to manage the angle, depth, and color of the text-shadow.

How to Copy-Paste the Text Box or Picture:

  • First, if you want to copy text from any web page, press and hold the cursor, and drag in the same way to the bottom of the text you want to copy. The selected text will turn blue or dark on some web pages. Click the right button and select “Copy.” In this way, your required text will be copied. From the keyboard, the Ctrl+C command can also be used to copy text.

To paste this text, place the cursor where you want to paste the text __ right-click and select “Paste.” Or use the key “Ctrl+V” from your keyboard to paste this text even faster. 

The font styles of these texts can be changed after pasting.

  • Secondly, to copy a picture, right-click on the photo on any webpage. Select the “Copy Image” option from the properties menu. 

Drag the file where you want to paste that image. To paste the right image, click in an appropriate location, and select “Paste” or simple press Ctrl+V from your keyboard.

  • Finally, You might have used the copy paste option to move the text in word file but there is an alternative way as well. Just select the text and press F2 key. Put the cursor and press the Enter, where you want to take the text. Your selected text will be moved.  

Some Quick Tips and Tricks:

No doubt, lots of people take Microsoft Word as their priority. But, not all of them know all the hidden features of this tool to increase the Word’s capabilities. Microsoft Word is a bomber with a bundle of features that we will share with you down below.

  • Always prefer keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, or paste any text or image. The shortcuts have already been discussed above.
  • Use the “Zoom” button to select a screen view that suits your needs. You can zoom in your text to 150% or zoom them out at 75%. The choice is yours.
  • Delete the complete text with “Ctrl+Backspace.”
  • Prefer “Smart Lookup” to highlight internet search.
  • Prefer the font style you like, not the one Word wants you to choose.

Final Thoughts 

Conclusively, you can use a Text box or WordArt, or you can directly insert the text on the top of the image in MS word. You can simply drag the WordArt or Textbox over the picture and adjust the text on your photo. 

If you want to put the text over a picture, you can use either of the methods and see which one meets your needs and is easy for you to operate.            

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