How To Get Paid For Blogging On WordPress

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WordPress is the most dominant blogging platform in the world. It powers 26% of all websites across the globe, and over 41 million posts are made each month. And the very reason that people blog is money.

The thing is, amateurs are lured into promises that making money in wordpress is easy.

A lot do not realize that it takes a lot of hard work before you can earn decent money in wordpress. The first thing you need to guarantee is value. What value are you giving to your readers?

If you can answer that question, your next challenge is how to monetize it. Here, we will be showing you ways on how to get paid for blogging on WordPress.

Use WordPress Affiliate Marketing

What we mean by this is to convince people to use WordPress as their platform for blogging. To do this, you need to be a member of WordPress and then register for its affiliate marketing program.

You will receive a link that serves as your affiliate identifier. If anybody clicks on this link and then buys a WordPress package, you will get a commission.

blogging about how to use WordPress, how to add plug-ins, and all other things that you can do with it are the most useful posts.

Somewhere in there, you can convince a person to click your affiliate link to become a member. You can earn up to $300 commission for every successful referral.

Sponsor Blog Posts

One of the ways on how to get paid for blogging on WordPress is to use sponsors for blog posts. How does this work?

If you do not know yet, one of the most important things for other bloggers to be found online is to have other websites talking about their own blog site, which we will call Website Z.

If sources are linking to a Website Z, search engines will think that Website Z must be a popular niche authority.

The problem is this: how many websites are actually linking to Website Z?

Just a few. Therefore, the operator of Website Z is going to be willing to pay you, the owner of Website A, so you can post an article on your website, and then refer the reader to Website Z.

This is how you host a post. You can charge your customers a fee that you want, and you can complete this transaction via online payment methods.

Another version of this is selling ad space in your website where you charge a nominal fee for posting people’s product banners for a specific period on your blog.

Get Paid to Review a Product

If your blog is based on a niche, like new gadgets or new games, it will make sense that product manufacturers may reach out to you to review your game. You can charge them for it, and you can set your own rates.

In this case, all you need to do is to use the product and provide your audience with a how-to, and the pros and cons. Just make sure you strike a balance between the good things and the bad things about the product because your readers will see through it if you are a sell-out, being paid to provide a positive product review.

If they find out that you were paid to review a product, you may lose your credibility.

Summary of How to Get Paid for Blogging on WordPress

Now that you know the three different ways on how to get paid for blogging on WordPress, it is time to choose which one to execute.

The truth is, you can do all of them but we suggest doing one at a time, Gain mastery on one before moving on to the next.

And lastly, always prioritize meaningful and valuable content before putting up ads. Quality content is the main impetus for your traffic, and nobody wants to visit a blog that is full of ads and no value.

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