How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging?

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There was a time when blogging was solely used by people who want to write their thoughts. But now, it is one of the highly monetized ways to make money online. But how long does it take to make money blogging?

There doesn’t exist any definitive answer to this because making money out of blogging is no different from any business. It can take time, or you can hit it big quickly, as early as day one.

The money you make on your blog is equivalent to the effort you put into it. And just because you published articles doesn’t mean people will flock to your site.

An essential aspect of making money in your blog is quality, without which you will never generate traffic. And once you have established credibility and traffic in your niche, the next step is to monetize your blog.

There are many ways to make money off your blog, and we will take a look at several of them, and attempt to answer the burning question: how long does it take to make money blogging?


You will make money advertising on day one. Plenty of bloggers believe that the only way to get advertisers is through Google Ads. This is wrong.

Many ad networks can help you make money. All you need to do is to fill up the application forms and get a personalized code that you will apply to the script of your website.

Once these ads are running, you can get paid per click or per thousand impressions.

And how long does it take? It can take only a day, depending on the quality of your blog site.

Advertising networks pay you every time people click on their ads. If you have high-quality content, it is very likely that your content will be shared and more people will see these ads.

Affiliate Marketing

If you choose the right product and write a useful review about it, then you may just make money on the first day of blogging.

What it really takes is to make an entry that makes the reader feel that he needs what you are selling.

Your blog post must create a problem, and you have to provide that solution to the problem. If you succeed in doing this, the people who read your blog post on your first day are likely to buy.

To make this happen, you need to research about the product you are endorsing. Does it have a market? What problem does it solve? Ask yourself these questions, and you will be able to build a convincing copy.

Employing affiliate marketing to generate income can allow you to create a very powerful income stream. Do your due diligence and join an affiliate program that matches your reader’s needs.


The right approach to this is to give a free eBook whose only purpose is to provide the reader with a teaser.

It has to add value to his life, and yet the free book must leave out some critical information that will force the reader to buy a complete version of the eBook.

How long does it take to make money blogging this way?

It can take months. The right strategy here is first to create two eBooks that follow the format mentioned earlier, and then develop a series of blog posts that will help readers enrich their knowledge about your chosen niche.


Take note, in some cases, you must have established a good following before you can even make money. But do not give up. Many people have made money blogging on the very first day.

The keys to replicating their success are research and preparation. Make sure you have an outline of what you need to do, and that you have a road map of how you will attack your goals.

Create a list of the things you need to do, such as enrolling in an affiliate network, ad network, researching products that sell, searching for keywords, and so much more. Most importantly, get it done.

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