How A Digital Business Can Benefit From Podcasts


No one thought podcasts would fly. But they did. Today, there are thousands of podcasts in various niches, and your business must have one.

If YouTube is the equivalent of TV, a podcast is the equivalent of a radio show. If you have a business, a podcast can give you benefits, provided that you do it right. 

But how? Today, I will share with you several ways on how a digital business can benefit from podcasts

1. Increase your exposure

A podcast is another channel by which you can reach people. You should know that while there are people who love social media, there are those who don’t. 

Many people, especially adults, love watching YouTube or listening to podcasts. They love to hear what people have to say—especially what those in authority have to say. 

A podcast is one avenue that many digital businesses do not focus on. The common mindset is that a podcast should only be used by influencers. 

This notion could not be farther from the truth. A business establishment, even a digital one, can use a podcast. 

For example, let us say that you are selling guitars. What you can do is to have a show about music. You can give people tips, news items, and just talk about anything about music in general. 

If you are up for it, you can record your podcast and then show it on YouTube after editing it. The beauty of this is that apart from reaching podcast fans, you will also reach YouTube fans.

As such, you are getting traffic from your website and social media channels and from your podcast, which you can also show on YouTube. 

2. Increase your credibility

As a podcaster, you are like a radio host. As we know, radio hosts have different personalities, and they build a cult following. Just think of Howard Stern. He has millions of followers worldwide—he has guests all the time, ensuring that his shows are entertaining.

If your business has a podcast, you can invite people that your audiences know. Apart from drawing in the fans of this guest, you are also increasing your credibility. 

If you look at Joe Rogan’s podcast, he invites trendy people. Below are some examples: 

  • Elon Musk
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Mike Tyson
  • Kanye West
  • Miley Cyrus

As you can see, these are big names. As such, Joe Rogan has earned a reputation not just as an MMA commentator but also as a great entertainer. 

If your business has a podcast and invites guests that people know, people will take your business seriously. And if people take your business seriously, they will trust you more, knowing that you are a credible entity in your niche or industry. 

3. Increase your website traffic

Your podcast is a great way to drive traffic to your website. In your episodes, you can tell your audiences to go to your website. 

If you release your podcast on YouTube, you can also add your website’s domain to the video’s details section. 

Every person who listens or watches your podcast is a lead. And because they are already tuning in to you, there really is no reason they will not go to your website. 

A podcast may not be the same as email marketing, but it has more power. When a person tunes in to your show, it only means that he is interested in what you have to say. Your podcast is, therefore, an effective method in converting warm leads into serious traffic. 

But how will you do this? 

What you have to avoid is spamming. If you have a podcast, do not mention your domain name all the time. Instead, just say it at the beginning and the end of the show. Be subtle about it. If you mention your domain name, make sure that you tell the audience why they have to visit it. 

When plugging your domain, focus on the benefits that the audience will get if they visit your site, not just because you have a website. You can also use the podcast to announce sales or promotions.  

4. Increase your value

As a radio show, your podcast increases the value you provide to your consumers. Your website likely has a blog, but these blogs are limited to tips and advice. 

Your podcast, however, is a source of opinions, not just from you but also from your guests. On top of that, you can also ask your guests to call in. If they can’t make a long-distance call, use the internet. You can ask them to call you via Facebook, Viber, and so much more. 

You can also ask your audience to give their feedback or opinions via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. 

As such, the value you offer is no longer limited to tips and advice. You can actually reach out to people and make them involved. Here, you are giving value to the relationship—something essential to building a brand. 

Your podcast can also be a source of entertainment. If you know how to infuse fun and energy into a digital business, do it. Furthermore, you can also inspire people if you invite successful people who can share their stories.

5. Increase your sales

The last in my list of how a digital business can benefit from podcasts is sales. If you increase your leads, you will increase your traffic, and you will increase your sales. 

How does this happen? 

Since your podcast improves your credibility, your audiences are more likely to buy from you. This is a no-brainer, but you have to handle this with care.

Earlier, I mentioned that you should not plug or mention your domain so much all the time. The same thing goes with your call-to-action for your audience to buy. Be subtle. Nobody likes to listen to a podcast that is just hell-bent on making sales.

Make sure that your podcast is about what is called the human element. Your goal is to encourage and inspire people. You can also make it a point to entertain them. 

If you do this successfully, you will not have any problem convincing your target market to buy what you offer. If your digital business is about blogging where you offer blogging tools, then you can certainly invite successful bloggers to inspire would-be bloggers. 

In the end, you can tell your subscribers that you have all the tools that they need to make their blogging business succeed.

Summary: how a digital business can benefit from podcasts

A digital business has a digital audience. If you operate a site, you can get a lot of following by having a regular podcast show that people can listen to. You can broadcast it live or have it recorded and edited before you let people listen to it. 

Never charge money from your podcast. It has to be a free show where people can learn a lot from you. If you are taking videos of the podcast, then it is a great idea that you also launch the video on YouTube. 

John Kilmerstone

I'm an Aussie living in Japan who enjoys traveling, photography, and blogging. Please visit this website and explore the wonderful world of blogging. Discover how to turn your passions and pastimes into an online business.

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