SEO Tips – Getting Backlinks From Authority Sites

Getting Backlinks from Authority Sites

Getting a natural backlink is tough enough, but quality backlinks for authority sites? You need to put in a lot of work. If you think you can buy your way to getting quality backlinks, then you have to think again. 

Today, you will learn the top five most effective ways of getting backlinks from authority sites. All these five methods are not easy, but you have to realize that one backlink from a reputable resource is better than 100 backlinks from “me too” websites.  

These methods are: 

  • Write a guest post
  • Create amazing content
  • Interview somebody
  • Sign up for HARO
  • Compile a resource

Let us get started!

Write a Guest Post

Writing for your own blog is in itself a tough job, so why should you write a guest post? A guest post adds content to an authority site, and they certainly want to get free content that matches the quality of their editorial standards. 

Here are some benefits of guest posting: 

  • Makes you credible – your name as the author will show in the guest post; if the readers see this, they will naturally think that you are a trusted authority in your niche.
  • Increases organic traffic – the purpose of a guest post is to have an opportunity to link back to your website. As such, the readers of the high-authority site are likely to click on your links.

To make things better, do not guest post if the link is a no-follow. You should only guest post on websites where the link to your site is a do-follow, which means that search engines can crawl and follow that link back to your website. 

  • It builds relationships – over time, you will build relationships with the webmasters or owners of the blogs where you guest post. As such, it would be easier to work with these business entities.

If you have a new product, a course release, or anything that you want to sell, you can exchange favors with these people. You can ask them to advertise your business and you can do the same thing for them. 

A guest post goes a long way, as you can add one or a couple of anchor links that lead the site visitor to your website. At most, you only have to spend time, not money, to get your name out there and get a backlink from an authority website.

Create Amazing Content

The second most effective method of getting backlinks from authority sites is to create amazing content

What is amazing content? Amazing content is something that adds value. That is all there is to it. Whenever you write about something, take the time to review what others have already done. 

Go to Google and then type the keyword for the article you are about to write. Read the top five contents, and then ask yourself these questions: 

  • Did the article address all possible issues relating to the keyword?
  • Did the article miss on any point that a reader may find substantial? 
  • Is the article concise or is it full of fluff?
  • How would you write these articles differently to serve your audience better? 

In backlinking, there is a thing called the Skyscraper technique. This is a technique where you write an article that is longer than the content of the top-ranking blog post. 

Why is this important? Google is now at a stage where it does not only look at keywords, but also the content of your blog. Google considers 600-word posts as thin content. If your website has a lot of thin content, Google will naturally flag this as something that does not add value. 

Long-form content can also do wonders. For one, long-form content makes the reader stay longer. If the time spent per session is long enough, Google will think that you are adding value to your users, and rank you higher in the SERPs.

Interview Somebody

This does not have to be a formal interview or a video interview. What you can do is reach out to people who have seen success in your niche. If you have a hobby website, such as gardening or construction, look for individuals who can offer tips. 

People would jump at this opportunity because they want exposure. As a result, you will be able to build meaningful content that you can publish on your site—content that an authority figure will link to. Once you have published the interview, you want to make sure that the interviewee will send his followers to your website.

And he will. All you need to do is to tell the authority figure that you have published the interview and then give him the link.

He is going to share this link with his followers, and you will get traffic from this. In return, you have to write a simple blurb about the person at the bottom of the interview article, and then add a link to his website. 

Sign Up for HARO

HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. HARO is a source for media people where they can get content. At HARO, you simply register and wait if somebody wants to talk to you. This works similarly with the interview technique we discussed earlier but in this case, you are the one being interviewed. 

In here, you need to build a profile and be an expert on something. If a reporter comes across your profile and would like to have a word with you, both of you will set up an interview. 

What do you get in return? The reporter will publish his work on a reputable website, with a backlink to yours. In short, you get a backlink to your website for being an expert in a particular niche. 

The great thing about HARO is that you do not have to write the content, unless the interviewer wants you to answer questions in written form. Some interviewers prefer a video call. No matter what the medium is, you will still get a backlink to your site from an authoritative page. 

Compile a Resource

A resource compilation is content from others that you put together. It is like a library of curated content that people can use as a guide on specific topics. 

How should you do it? The first step is to create a syllabus. For example, if your blog is about building websites, you have to list down the step by step process, or pillars, of building a website. 

Here is an example: 

For each pillar, you link that to a reputable resource. With this list, authority websites are surely going to link back to you. Why? Because you used their blog or video posts on your list of compiled resources. Naturally, they will point people to your list if they want traffic. 


If your guest posts, or any of your effort, for that matter, do not yield great results at first, do not get discouraged. Rejection is part of the SEO journey. Continue creating great posts that bring value to your audience, and you will one day see the fruits of your labor. 

Always update your resource file, and find ways to interview people who have seen success in your niche. Make the interview a meaningful one, and you can expect your interviewee to shout out the interview page to his followers.

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