Four Contents Every Early Retirement Blog Must Have

Early Retirement Blog

10,000 Americans hit the age of 65 every day. Not every year, every day. With this growing number of retirees, it is logical that there are more youngsters than retirees.

This means there is a broad audience of people who are looking for retirement education. This is a good opportunity to start an early retirement blog and help these people plan for their future.

But what should your early retirement blog contain? Ideally, the retirement blog must be able to help those who want to retire early. Which means that the education on you provide should not include plans where they have to wait until the age of 65.

At the very least, the early retirement blog must contain the following:

  • Stocks and investments
  • Business opportunities
  • How to save money
  • How to make money online

These four elements make sense because they will help your site visitor learn how to make money, where to invest it, and how to save from what he is earning now. If all these are done right, the person can retire early, and not wait for the age of 65.

Stocks and Investments

This alone is a vast subject. If you will put content about stocks, try to stay away from recommending what stocks to buy. If these companies underperform, you will lose credibility. Instead, you must focus on everything that a person needs to learn about stocks.

Here are some examples of the topics you need to cover:

  • What are stocks – explain what stocks are and why their values go up and down
  • Where to buy stocks – describe how a stock market works, and what investment companies they can use to buy stocks on their own or through a broker
  • The process of buying shares – explain what the fees are, and how to interpret share prices and bids
  • Long-term investing versus trading – describe in detail the benefit and pitfalls of the two approaches. You must not provide your own judgment, but remain objective on how you present the two types of investing techniques
  • Stock market gurus – review the life and strategies of stock market gurus like George Soros and Warrant Buffet
  • Stock market app review – show different stock market apps, how they work, and what you think about the products
  • Stock market analysis – show the reader how to analyze what is happening to a price share, or how to analyze whether a stock is worth buying or not. Take the time to describe terminologies like earnings per share, the price per share, dividends, and more. Be prepared to write articles about candlestick charts, moving averages, and other analytical charts.

On the investment side, you need to be able to produce content that explains the different types of investments, such as 401K, mutual funds, and others. You also need to provide details like the pros and cons of each investment type, and statistical figures about their performance.

Business Opportunities

These are tips about how a person can put up a business on his own, particularly in the physical world. There are many out there who want to get started but do not know how to start. However, these people do not want to do business online, and would rather have a brick-and-mortar store.

In this area, your site visitors expect detailed help. Here are so e examples of topics you can cover:

  • Government requirements – explain what documents are required, and show a step by step process how to apply for a business permit
  • Taxation – describe how taxes are calculated, what VAT is, and how to find a bookkeeper
  • How to create a project plan – show the reader where to begin, how to use programs to create a plan, how to set timelines, and how to create a project calendar.

How to price your products correctly – tell the reader about proper pricing, markups, gross profit margins, and other tips on how to price the products right.

Armed with information like this, your site visitors can jumpstart their businesses on the side. They can earn money that they can keep so they can retire early if the business succeeds.

How to Save Money

This should not be your typical blog content telling people not to buy expensive coffee. This has to be a category in your early retirement blog by itself. It should be able to provide people with help not by saving pennies, but by being able to take control of their expenses.

Some of the topics you can cover are:

  • DIY instructions to fix or build items
  • Things that people should not buy
  • Save on electricity and other utility costs
  • Things that eat yup money that does not add value to your life

Be creative on the content of this section, as people are willing to change their habits if that means they can save and add that savings to their early retirement fund.

How to Make Money Online

This topic is going to eat up a chunk of your blog. Do not write a single article that only points out the ways to make money online. Each post must have detailed content about how money is made, how to market, and what steps to take to get the online business started.

For example, you may say that people can make money online by selling products on Etsy. This post must not stop there. You must provide detailed instructions on what to sell, what items are hot, what Etsy is about, how to create an account, what payment channels are available, and so much more.

Since these will look like courses, be prepared to break down your blog entries into a series. It would help with your marketing campaign, too, as your readers would anticipate your future posts.


The key to a successful early retirement blog is details. If you post entries that have nothing more than general information, you have not really provided any help. And you cannot expect them to come back.

People who want to retire early need money. They are relatively young, so they are willing to invest the time, effort, and money to be able to achieve their early retirement goals.

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