25 Examples Of Amazing, Complex WordPress Sites

complex wordpress sites

If you have heard of WordPress but haven’t yet given it a try, here are some inspiring WordPress sites that you can use as a source of motivation. To give you an idea of this platform’s strength and flexibility, we are showcasing some of the most amazing websites found on the Internet created using WordPress.

Many of these WordPress example sites have been created using existing themes, while others have been custom-designed. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to designing a site. The example sites we have highlighted to provide inspiration include the following types of formats:

  • Portfolios
  • News
  • E-commerce
  • Services
  • Video and gaming
  • Blogging
  • Foundations
  • Celebrities
  • Information-based
  • Fashion
  • Magazine style

Can You Build a Complex Website on WordPress?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! You can definitely build complex websites on WordPress since the platform provides the necessary flexibility required for building complicated and complex sites. You can access all of the enhanced features with backend coding to create powerful website designs.

Any imaginable feature can be added to a WordPress site. Many of the top websites globally, including Sony Music, Vogue, and Microsoft News, have used the platform to create sites that regularly receive millions of visitors.

When designing a new site, the groundwork has already been done for you with available plug-ins and themes that can be added. To create something unique and customized, some added background coding can simply be added.

Complex and Famous WordPress Sites

Here are some of the best examples that will show you how complex, one-of-a-kind websites can be built to facilitate any website type.

1. Angry Birds

This is the official website of the Angry Birds video game. Angry Birds first came on the scene about 10 years ago, and since its debut, it has become a global leader in mobile gaming. It started off as a game, and then as its popularity grew, the brand expanded and began offering books, toys, clothing, a movie, and much more.

The Angry Birds WordPress website features a simplified design that uses the game’s visual graphics as the backdrop for each page. This unifies the site and represents the tone of the game itself. The engaging graphics offer further enticement for an individual to go ahead and download the mobile game.

2. The Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation was first established back in 2014 as a nonprofit enterprise based in Chicago. The foundation oversees the Barack Obama Presidential Center and its development as well as operating a scholarship. This WordPress website features a modern, clean, custom theme, and its design complements the mission and the vision set forth by the foundation.

Some of the best features to be found on the site include:

  • Easy to read, large fonts such as Gotham SSM and Maintree
  • A design that is easy to navigate
  • Navigation menu that can be collapsed on the left

The website uses a custom theme with the Maintree font used for paragraphs and text in the body, while the Gotham SSM font is used for headings. The website provides a great user experience through page templates, social sharing, and multimedia features.

3. Rafal Bojar

This is an amazing WordPress website that displays the photography of Rafal Bojar. It is a portfolio site that allows the artist to display his wonderful work and was built to provide visitors with a unique experience.

WordPress was chosen as a platform so that the site could be updated regularly, and it would be easy to manage as new projects were introduced. The site loads quickly and is an excellent example of what can be accomplished using WordPress for a portfolio site.

4. Academy Self Defense

This website was created using the free Neve theme, and it is dedicated to raising the awareness of self-defense to both women and men. It sells fighting, fitness, and self-defense training while providing readers with details about the courses offered.

All of the information that a viewer would want to see regarding prices, scheduling, etc., is provided with big text. Photos are used to showcase the different types of training available, and user-generated photos and content are showcased on the site.

5. Jay Z

Jay-Z is a trending name in the celebrity and music industry, and he has had a WordPress website created with a design that must be seen to be believed. A gallery slider on the homepage is unique, and the site features a responsive design. The use of o-embeds for the Soundcloud playlists is awe-inspiring. A skilled developer was used to create this one-of-a-kind design.

6. TechCrunch

This is a highly popular website on the Internet that reports on the latest technology and business industries’ latest news. The site uses a great format and has a simple WordPress interface for ease of navigation.

The posts are listed chronologically, with the newest appearing first, and at the bottom of the website, you’ll find a video section. This site is extremely content-heavy but uses a clean format to provide a positive user experience to readers.

7. BBC America

BBC America is a cable digital network that airs various well-known shows like Orphan Black and Dr. Who. The content on the site shows the TV shows that are available along with the scheduling of them.

There are several different genres to choose from, including sci-fi and history. The site is presented with dark colors and a boxed layout pattern. Users can visit the site to stream movies, purchase merchandise, and read the blog.

8. Middle Child

Middle Child is a sandwich shop based in Philadelphia that wanted a website that would show off its quirky style. This WordPress website has been based on a bespoke theme using ACF and Timber. It’s a fun site with an attitude that matches the unique spirit of the award-winning sandwich shop.

9. The Cool Club

The Cool Club website uses a minimalistic design with WordPress in the backend and JavaScript presented on top. This mode of design resembles the design used by TechCrunch and features a modern look. The site sells both wall art and unique card games based on pop-culture, including celebrities and Star Wars.

The bestsellers are displayed on the homepage, and there is a clear navigation bar that is very user-friendly appearing in the online shop. This shop is powered by WooCommerce.

The formatting on the site is organized and clean with plenty of unique graphics and animations. Using a custom theme, this site ticks all the boxes in terms of a thought-provoking WordPress site.

10. Cienne NY

This is another WordPress example that you should take note of, especially if you love to travel. It features a great layout with beautiful images and a lot of white space. It’s very responsive, and the white space in this WordPress design proves that you don’t need anything elaborate to deliver an impressive look.

11. Amazonia Font

This WordPress site uses a custom theme and offers a library of custom-made fonts available for purchase. It has a bold, dark color scheme and is unique in design. The thing that stands out with this website is it only has a single page of content. You can see the fonts that are available by clicking on the arrow keys with no scrolling involved.

12. The Next Web

The WordPress platform is perfect for creating online magazines, and this is one of the best examples of how it can be used for that purpose. The Next Web is one of the leading online magazines, and it covers science, technology, and other topics.

There is a magazine layout on the homepage, and featured stories are displayed at the top of the site. There are also custom sections, categorized recent posts, and a selection of the latest articles.

This is a fast-loading WordPress site that also provides optimum performance. This has been accomplished through the use of advanced caching techniques, CDN, and lazy loading. 

13. KOBU 

This is another portfolio WordPress website that shows how this platform can express creativity and inspiration. KOBU is a Portuguese agency, and the site, while simple in design, still oozes a lot of character. The KOBU website design shows that imagination can be combined with complexity when building a company site.

SVG and CSS were combined to give the site its amazing front end. Sections of color blocks in the bold background are linked together, and the sections are overlaid with wireframe motifs.

The KOBU team is highlighted on the main page through the use of the slick.js carousel. SVG paths were manipulated to create the ultimate lava lamp header. This is an impressive website that is stunning to look at.

14. Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a copywriter who promotes his content marketing by using a well-designed website created with the WordPress platform. There are form fields on the site that can be filled out if a person is interested in his services, and he has used his own writing abilities on the site to help him sell these services.

He displays real results that some of his past clients have received, along with case studies. This has allowed him to increase his rates of conversion. The site was designed using the theme “Divi,” and while minimalistic, it provides a unique flavor in its well-rounded style and design.

15. ESPN Sports Programming

ESPN sports programming is a high content website that demonstrates that you can manage a large volume of content using the WordPress platform. Each year more than 5,000 hours of highlights, live events, series, and studio media are distributed to broadcasters worldwide.

This is the best example of the scalability of WordPress websites. No matter how small your business may be now, you can build a site using WordPress that has the capability to grow right alongside your business.

16. Lollapalooza

This WordPress example features scroll animations and a site full of vibrant colors. The website has an online store, and a prominent frequently asked questions section. Lollapalooza is a music festival held annually in Chicago, and it attracts music lovers from across the world.

This is the place to go if you want to purchase tickets, get information about the upcoming lineup and performers, sign up to receive email updates, or purchase Lollapalooza merchandise from the online store.

17. Animal Logic

This site is a WordPress example of an engaging, creative design. Animal Logic is a leading digital studio, and the website showcases the work that the company has done for major Hollywood movies in the top video slider. Below the slider, you’ll find various sections showcasing amazing CSS animations.

18. noformat 

This is another design studio that is located in New York. This WordPress website needs to be seen to be believed. There is an animated eyeball on the homepage, and the eye follows the cursor across the screen. At the same time, overlaid text displays what the company can do for you.

A lot of advanced coding was required to create this effect, and the interactive version was built using three.js. When you make it off the homepage, you won’t be disappointed since you’ll run into parallax effects at every turn. This intense design will keep you mesmerized, but at the same time, the site remains user-friendly and fast to load.

19. Smart Chameleon

This is another digital agency that specializes in creating complex sites for their clients. The Smart Chameleon website is a great WordPress example that demonstrates the use of the Elementor page builder.

The company used this page builder to create the company site and the Astra theme and commonly uses the builder when designing sites for clients. You’ll want to pay special attention to the portfolio section that uses a flip card feature to showcase the work this company has done for others.

20. Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg is a professional site and the perfect WordPress example of one of the world’s leading websites. You can see how much can be achieved using this platform and just how simple and powerful it is.

Bloomberg uses WordPress for its blog, FAQ section, and promotional pages for its products. Millions of people visit this website to get real-time news, analytics, and data to make better business decisions.

21. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is certainly a household name, and the official site is powered by WordPress. This platform was chosen for its reliability and robust behavior. The site features a home page with a large image of a hero on it and a sticky navigation menu.

Across the site, you’ll find animated buttons and fonts set amongst colorful pages. The site was designed to provide an experience that would be entertaining and fun, and the company has accomplished this goal beautifully.

22. The Ink Tank

This company was formally known as Collins Inkjet and was the major supplier for the Kodak inkjet printer back in 1989. It started out as a one-man business but quickly expanded over the years to become a leading supplier of ink on a global basis.  

This WordPress site shows visitors how artists and businesses are using creative ways to use ink. You should take a look at this website example if only to visit the section called “History of Printing,” where you’ll see a single page loaded with effects and animation. If you’ve never been excited by ink before, you’ll see it with a brand-new viewpoint after visiting this page.

23. Justin Bieber

The Justin Bieber official website uses a unique boxed layout design that captures the essence of the singer. The top bar features social and newsletter links, while the main slider links his blog, music videos, and iTunes.

The site also incorporates a section for upcoming events and a photo gallery. Love him or hate him, this is one WordPress website you should view to see another way to make a WordPress site as unique as you want it to be.

24. Reader’s Digest

Take a look at the Reader’s Digest website powered by WordPress to see how a popular magazine converts a physical form into a digital version. Every month millions of readers flock to this website. The site features an interface that is user-friendly with a magazine-style layout.

The articles are displayed in list and slideshow styles with clean typography. If you are thinking about creating a magazine-style website, see this complex WordPress design that is easy to load and navigate by users.

25. Facebook Newsroom

The Facebook Newsroom helps to keep users informed about the latest Facebook news. The site is powered by WordPress and is read by millions of viewers from around the world. Facebook Newsroom updates readers about any changes made to the Facebook platform and sends out blogs about recent news. 

The website features a slider system designed for large videos and images along with news in plain text without thumbnails. If you want to see how simple a WordPress site can be even when it caters to a large readership base, be sure to check it out.

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