Blogging For Money: 7 Tips That Will Help You Succeed

Blogging for Money

The greatest side hustles ever made allow you to show off your talents while earning a good income. Blogging for money is an opportunity where anyone, no matter the hobby or interest, can become successful.

The trick is finding ways to make yourself stand out amid the 31 million active bloggers putting out content every day. This number might sound staggering, but with the number of blog readers on the rise, there is an opportunity for everyone to make money. 

Check out these 7 tips on finding blog topics that make money.

1. Get Compliant

No matter whether you have a full-time job or plan to blog as your main occupation, you have to get compliant with local tax laws. Your goal is to operate your blog like a business so be sure to incorporate your business in the city or state where you live. 

Consulting with a tax professional is also recommended to help you understand which business structure makes the most sense for bloggers in your state. 

2. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways bloggers make money. Use an affiliate network to automate the use of affiliate products and information onto your site.

The alternative is to incorporate affiliate products yourself through articles you write. As long as you can make the information appear natural in your blog, it maintains the site’s credibility.

Too much affiliate marketing and unrelated products can be a turn off to readers and search engines. Using an affiliate network is recommended until you’re comfortable managing affiliate relationships on your own. 

3. Develop Your Social Media

One low-cost strategy to consider is blogging for money on social media. Social media networks are free and provide you with an instant platform to showcase your talents.

Once your following reaches a certain threshold, you can promote products or services for a variety of brands. Many companies have marketing teams devoted to finding influencers on social media with a large following in an attempt at grassroots advertising. 

Include contact information on your pages so brands can reach you for potential partnerships. Building a social following takes time, but the benefit is being able to instantly monitor your progress through likes and followers. 

4. Sell Stuff

Having a talent or expertise is a great chance to create articles for your blog over time. But not everything has to be given away for free. 

Create premium content on your blog like e-books or research studies that readers can download to get more in-depth information on a specific topic. If your content relates to the reader making money, you might also offer online courses where readers can sign up to learn more about the opportunity.

Merchandise is always a good option once you have a following. Offer promotional items like t-shirts or hats to your fans to help promote your brand and earn extra revenue. 

5. Add Video

SEO marketing is essential when looking for ways to stand out from the millions of blogs online. One fast and free way to improve your blog’s seo rankings is the addition of video.

Videos can replace traditional blog articles or be used to supplement them. A popular example is on recipe blogs where bloggers offer an occasional video to demonstrate the instructions.

Videos are also a great way to repurpose written content. A previously written article can easily transform into a video that shows the content in a new way. 

If you have nothing visual to showcase, a blog featuring yourself is equally as powerful. Showing yourself on camera might seem intimidating but it helps readers feel more connected to you and builds their loyalty over time. 

6. Find Sponsors

Who says you have to sit back and wait for a million followers before you can attract sponsors for your blog? The number of readers helps to sell your blog to potential advertisers, but it’s not the only factor.

Having a loyal following in a prime demographic can mean a lot for advertisers trying to reach niche groups. Create a media kit for your blog that sells your reader base to potential sponsors.

Sponsors are a viable way to generate ongoing income as you build your relationship over time. As your following grows, revisit your sponsorship level to increase to reflect the upgrade in value for the sponsor. 

7. Collaborate

Build your network through cross-collaboration. When you launch a blog, you’re looking for as many eyeballs as possible to connect with your content.

Collaborating with other bloggers can be an easy way to do this. Ask to share their content on your blog with the request that they return the favor. 

When you both link back to each other’s blogs, you create opportunities for higher rankings and sharing followers. Target other bloggers in your field who are not direct competitors.

For example, if you have a cooking blog, reach out to another blogger who is an expert in wine pairing to get the best partnership results. Find other bloggers whose products and services you like so your inclusion of their content on your page appears organic. 

Blogging for Money

blogging for money is a “get rich slow” scheme. Unless you achieve a lucky viral success, you will be working at new ways to present content over time that attracts the most revenue.

This is great because it helps you learn the ways of the business the work for you and others that don’t. Finding the method that works allows you to then focus on being more creative on your blog and learning about the content you serve. 

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