7 Benefits Of Great Enterprise UI/UX Design

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We are seeing a break-necking pace at which technology advances. Everyone is aware of the latest technological innovations, most of which are geared towards making life convenient and simple. This also applies to websites and mobile apps.

Users are becoming more impatient and any time they are kept waiting is a chance for competitors to swoop in and carry them away. It is for this reason that organizations and enterprises need to assess their overall user interface and experience and tailor-fit it to the needs of their audience.

Below are some examples of how enterprises can benefit from a great UI/UX design.

1. Better Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is simply the method of getting new customers. This involves persuading or convincing customers that the product or service you offer is worth their money.

An effective customer acquisition strategy requires a lot of planning. And a very common method that many marketers and business owners turn to is user experience.

A good and well-thought-out user interface/user experience is a strong way for a business to stand out and gain the attention of their target audience.

The more pleasing the brand and its product to look at, the more people are drawn to them. Just look at Apple. Their keen eye for design helps solidify their market hold no matter which product category they enter.

2. Boost Customer Retention

Just like customer acquisition, customer retention also needs a lot of planning and strategizing. The effort you put into acquiring new customers should also be equal in trying to keep them.

Think of it this way, customer acquisition establishes a strong foundation of customers while customer retention efforts are about building a strong relationship with said customers.

A business application that is not only beautiful but also intuitive makes users more inclined to notice it and use it, as Arcane Marketing would put it. And if they like it so much, they will keep using it.

A great example of this is the only store Etsy. Their website is simple yet well organized. Product categories are displayed at the top of the page making it easy for customers to navigate to their desired purchase.

Even customers with no interest in purchasing anything will enjoy browsing their catalog.

3. Saves Cost on Development

It might seem surprising but a properly developed UX design will save you a ton of money in development. This is because UX is the culmination of all the efforts put into user research, wireframing, information architecture, user testing, prototyping, and implementation.

Designers spend hours fine-tuning and polishing their designs to suit the needs of their target audience.

When all these are implemented correctly to create the best user experience, you avoid further hiccups down the line. You’re better able to estimate cost more accurately as well as avoiding what’s known as feature creep, or the addition of more and more unnecessary features.

Being able to test the design also gives designers a chance to make sure the app is convenient and easy to use. They can tweak certain elements of the design like button sizes, color choice, or fonts to ensure the design is not inconvenient to use.

4. Increases Revenue

A lot of people judge a site’s overall look. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a site that looks cluttered and unorganized.

Besides the overall aesthetic, people also go for sites that are easy to use and fulfill their needs easier. All these factors are the scope of UI/UX designers.

Below are a few elements of a successful UX design to help increase your revenue.

  • Ease of use – An easy to use application will include useful onboarding, intuitive navigation, and a design that requires little or no time to learn. If your site conforms to this philosophy, your site visitors are more likely to do the desired action.
  • Reduced the number of steps – Think about a customer journey map. It is comprised of a number of steps that ultimately lead them towards achieving their goal, whether to purchase a bag or book an appointment. The more steps that map has, the less motivated the user becomes. UX designers come up with solutions to reduce the steps, like quick checkout so customers don’t lose motivation to complete the purchase.
  • Simple calls to action – A landing page with no clear intention will leave customers confused and wanting to leave.

5. Improves Customer Engagement

Good content is not easy to create. It takes a lot of effort. So when you see that not a lot of your visitors are engaging with them, maybe you should assess your UX design.

Today’s content is a mixture of texts, images, and videos, with more emphasis on images and videos for the younger generation. But the main point of having content is to have it shared with a lot of people.

The goal in your UI/UX design should be to motivate viewers to interact with your content – reading an article, viewing other blog posts, or sharing them. A consistent and predictable design makes this a possibility, as well as personalization.

Even if the design of the site is unfamiliar, but because UX elements are familiar, the user will easily understand the purpose of the site and navigate it smoothly.

6. Stimulate Word-of-Mouth

Another marketing tool that is directly affected by a quality UX design is word-of-mouth. It is the sharing of information about a service or a product through personal communications, day-to-day interactions, or on social media.

Sites like Dribbble (yes, three b’s), for example, make it easy for users to share their content with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. They achieved this by clearly displaying several social media links with one click of a button.

People have a tendency to believe what people like them say. Applying this to UX, websites make use of reviews and star ratings to build that trust.

7. Helps with Productivity

Businesses need an interface that’s easy to use and cohesive enough to efficient for employees with their day-to-day tasks. Making use of simple yet effective user experience can inspire workers to be motivated in their work.

Employing a great user interface/user experience can also help lessen mistakes in error while promoting a smoother workflow for employees.

Designers can use light colors for general purpose and only use bold ones in highlighting relevant content so users can differentiate important information at a glance.

In Closing

The benefit of great enterprise UI/UX design is a part of your website that you absolutely can’t ignore or treat as an afterthought.

It has a far-reaching influence on your audience, your reputation, and the longevity of your online business presence. Treat it with the due diligence and attention that it deserves and you’ll reap long-lasting rewards.

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