3 Methods On How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook

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Social media is a gold mine or marketers, most especially Facebook, where people share everything from pictures to text.

As such, each affiliate market must know how to promote affiliate links on Facebook. It will be such a waste if you do not use this sales channel to your advantage.

But what is the right way to do it? Are there policies that can potentially prevent you from marketing on facebook? Let us begin our journey and find out how to promote affiliate links on Facebook.

Post on Group Page

The first effective method to do it is to become a member of a group. Make sure you read the terms of the group, as there are moderators who do not want people posting products or services.

Once you find a group relevant to your niche, join it and wait for the admin to promote your application.

Some groups have an open site. What this means is that anybody can post on the page.

The trouble with this is that these groups are plagued by affiliate marketer like you, and the chances are that your posts will just get buried beneath a ton of other posts from affiliate marketers.

What you want to do is to find a group that offers a solution to problems. These are groups whose members need help. And if you can help them in any way, do it.

Give advice, and write lengthy and meaningful answers before you recommend the product you are selling.

Create Advertisements

One legitimate way to go is to create and launch paid advertising on the Facebook platform. On this ad, use your affiliate link so when customers click it, they will be redirected to your landing page.

Did you know that you can launch this for as little as $5 per day? The great thing is that you can set your maximum budget, choose the age group, location, and other demographics where your ad will be shown.

In essence, your ads will never be shown to teenagers if they are not your target market. It will not be shown in China if the product you are promoting does not ship to China.

Each dime you pay is worth it. With paid Facebook advertising, each click is a relevant click, and the only thing that matters now is if your landing page is good enough to convince your customer to make a purchase.

The advertising platform comes with analytics. You can see where most clicks are coming from, and how people are engaging in your ads.

Be an Influencer

You cannot do anything on Facebook without an account. As such, you are better off creating your own page and then create a following.

You can start off by inviting your friends and your family members to like your page. And each time you share a link, ask them to share it on their respective pages.

Make the posts engaging, ensuring that each post appeals to a person’s emotion.

Add images and videos if you can, and convince the potential reader why your product is a must-have. At the bottom of your post, you can add the affiliate link.

Summary of How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook

There you have it—three ways on how to promote affiliate links on Facebook. What matters now is just one thing: consistency.

Be consistent in posting, because Facebook is one of those platforms that automatically choose what posts are shown in a person’s feed.

If a consumer just passed through your post and did not click it, the chances are that Facebook will not display your future posts too often to that person.

What you want is for that person to engage with your post, so Facebook will always prioritize your entries in his feed.

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